Baby Name Inspiration for 2023

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The trends in baby names come and go, and every year brings a new list of what names are on top. It is also possible that the most popular names might be the same for a few years, with just a few variations. So, let’s dive in and discuss some of the top baby names for 2023.

Trending Baby Names 

 It is now July and we are halfway through the year 2023 and could there be a more important decision for expectant parents than what to name their baby! Currently nature-inspired names are still popular as they were last year too!

Baby name Willow

Ranking number 1 for girls names is Olivia; and Oliver for a boy. Both are derived from the latin for olive tree.

Some parents take inspiration from flowers that are also dominating the charts such as Violet, Willow, Rose, and Ivy are quite popular. Older baby names such as Jasmine and Daisy have broken into the top 100 list again.

Nicknames and Short Baby Names 

Moreover, the names used as nicknames are also on the rise, such as Liam, the nickname for William. Some nicknames such as Mia, Nora, Lucy, Eli, and Eliza have even turned into full names!

It is quite interesting that parents keep short and sweet names for their babies, especially boys. Classical names such as Adam, John, and Luke are becoming popular. New ones such as Milo, Ace, and Zion are also breaking into the list.

Optimistic and Inspirational Baby Names 

Baby names

Parents looking for names that reflect positivity and hope need look no further than Faith, Grace, Serenity, Aura, Golden, and Glow. These names reflect the values and aspirations for the parents. Have you ever heard of someone naming their child after an idiot? It just wouldn’t happen! Names with optimistic and inspirational meanings are on the rise!

Subtle Baby Names 

Some subtle names such as Ezra which means helper, Naomi which means pleasant, Valentina which means strong. Maverick which means independent-minded person, and Sophia, Sofia, Sofie, and Sophie meaning wisdom are also on the rise. It’s all up to you to choose what you want to name your child. Be free and choose whatever you like!

It looks like parents are now pickier towards the names than in previous years, which is quite interesting.

Names with a “V”

The “V” sound names are strong, such as Ivy, Ava, Evelyne, Maeve, Eve, and Genevieve (Two Vs Wow). The reason is that V sound names are distinct, provide a sense of uniqueness, and look quite modern and stylish. Names with the V sound are gender-neutral too with names such as Avery and Evan being used for both genders.

Uncommon and Common Baby Names of 2023

Unique baby names are more appealing these days; in the US more than a quarter of babies

Baby name post it notesare receiving rare names that don’t even come in the top 1000! This includes what some see as old fashioned names that are now gaining popularity again. Names such as Jazlynn, Raquel, Tallulah, Massimo, Elizabeth, Victoria, Katherine, Jack, and Winston are all on the rise. 

This is because such names are associated with the grandparent’s generations. The comebacks of these names are associated with the parent’s associations with those names. These names may look outdated, but people give their babies such names because of their emotional connection with such names.

Celebrity inspired Baby Names 2023

As we all know, celebrities can inspire us to name our baby. This trend always has an influence on the parents. Celebrity-inspired baby names will most likely be popular by the end of 2023.

In 2022, the top boy’s name was Liam which Tori Spelling and Colin Hanks adopted. The top girls name was Olivia; perhaps this inspired Drew Barrymore, Sasha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher as they chose “Olive” for their little girls?

Archie is likely to be popular as it is the name of Prince Harry’s firstborn child. The name means bold and brave; it has become the favourite name of many new parents.

Baby name AtlasAtlas is another on the list; Shay Mitchell named her daughter Atlas which means “To Carry” and is associated with Greek mythology. It is a gender-neutral name, and in this era of LGBTQ+, it has gained quite of popularity.

Billie was a popular name from 1928 to 1934 and was thought to be outdated. With famous popstar “Billie Eilish” ,however, the name Billie has made a come back and is one of the most inspired celebrity baby names of 2023.

The Netflix series Wednesday made a huge impression on people worldwide and even Harry Potter actor, Rupert Grint, named his baby girl Wednesday.

Mix & Match Baby Names

Parents often like to mix and match names to come up with a new name. The list of such names is quite large, and they are usually end with -lynn, -syn, -leigh style; however, new endings are on the rise such as –ett, -aire, -wyn, -lani. For example, you can mix up Choc with Lynn and make up a name Choclynn which is quite sweet.

It is totally your choice what kind of name you like, a nature-inspired name, or be free to make something up! Whatever you decide, remember every name is beautiful and does not reflect your baby’s character

Remember you don’t have to make yourself stuck to choose from a list of top baby names. You are the mother and it’s totally up to you to name your child whatever you want to. Therefore, choose whatever you like!

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