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Best Sleeping Aid for Babies

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Getting a baby to sleep can often be one of the hardest parts of being a parent, and understanding the Best Sleeping Aid for Babies is one of the best time investments you could possible make! Some children may easily be able to get to sleep on their own, while others benefit from sleeping aids. Chances are, neither you or the little one will be getting as much sleep as you need, especially in the early days, which is why there are so many products out there which can help baby nap, get to sleep quicker, and even, dare we say it, sleep through the night.

There are a range of different types of sleep aids available on the market, all promising to send your little one off into the land of dreams with ease. Some help baby feel more relaxed through sound, others use light and vibrations, and some a combination of all. There are so many options out there, so lets take a look at some of the best.

Dreamegg D11 Sound Machine – Best Sleeping Aid for Babies on the Go

Trying to get baby to sleep is often not just an issue at night, napping can also be a problem, especially when out and about. Enter the Dreamegg D11 Sound Machine. This product has been carefully designed to help with sleeping when on the go.

The Dreamegg D11 Sound Machine comes loaded with 11 different soothing sounds such as white noise and lullabies, or soothing waves. It also has a night light for comfort, which can help with night-time feeds.


– It is small and portable, meaning it can easily fit in your baby bag, or even a handbag, without taking up tons of precious space. It also has a special clip that allows you to attach it to your baby’s pram, so you can use it when out on a walk.

– The last thing you want to think about as a new mother is charging your sleep aid, but the Dream Machine comes with a great battery life, lasting up to 8 hours before needing charging again.

– There is a handy child locking system, so once you have the settings how you would like them, you can lock the device to stop little fingers fiddling with the buttons.

The Dreamegg is a great Baby Sleeping aid on the go

SnuzCloud – Best Compact Sleeping Aid for Babies

The SnuzCloud not only looks adorable, but can do wonders for helping get baby off to sleep quickly and efficiently.

The SnuzCloud comes with various light and sound settings that help children relax into sleep. The heartbeat sound is one of the most popular sounds, which when combined with the soft pink light, makes for the perfect night-time companion.


– It is small and lightweight. Like all parents, small and lightweight items can be a godsend in comparison to big, bulky toys that take up room in your home. Luckily, the SnuzCloud is small and compact. Because it is very light, it can be attached to pram or crib very easily.

– Yes, the SnuzCloud really is as cuddly as it looks, it doesn’t have to be something you just leave on the side. Children love to cuddle up to this cloud, which acts as an additional form of comfort.

The Dreamcloud is a cute Baby Sleeping Aid!

Tommee Tippee Grofriend – Cutest Sleeping Aid for Babies

Choose between Pip The Panda, Ollie the Owl or Bennie The Bear! The Tommee Tippee Grofriend is a Rechargeable, intelligent Sleeping aid which will detect your Baby stirring, and then play soothing music or white noise to help them back to sleep. You can adjust the light on it’s stomach to three different intensities, and with a 25 hour battery life, you are guaranteed a full nights sleep!


– Looks Amazing.

– Can be attached to Prams, Buggies, Car Seats and Cots very easily.

– The long life battery makes it perfect for long journeys.

The Grofriend is our recommended and preferred Baby Sleeping Aid

Babymoov Sleepy Nightlight – Best Sleeping Aid for Babies who are Light Sleepers

This is a fantastic little sleeping aid for children. Babies are able to sleep a lot easier if exposed to white noise, and that is just what this nifty little device does. You can adjust the volume of the white or pink noise, or choose between 7 other sounds, such as a heartbeat the forest and even a hairdryer. It also works as a multi-coloured nightlight. The Babymoov Sleepy Nightlight is a great choice for those on a budget.


The Babymoov Sleepy Nightlight is very small, and is about the size of an adult hand, meaning you can carry around with you no issue.

– Choose between the device running continuously or on a timer, which is 30 minutes for the night light and 10 minutes for the white noise.

– It uses tap touch technology to get it working, which is great if you enter the room at night, so you don’t have to try and fumble around with small switches in the dark.

– The Light shows will make your Babies Bedroom look incredible!

Produces an incredible Light show on the Ceiling and Walls

Lumie Bedbug – Best Sleeping Aid for Babies sensitive to Light

The brand Lumie is well known for its sleep aids for adults, so it is hardly surprising there is an option for babies as well, and this time in the form of a cute Little Bedbug. The idea of the bedbug is to create an all round calming environment for your little one, which promotes a child’s natural sleep response. The bedbug helps to minimise the blue light in a room, which has been shown to make it harder to fall asleep. Choose between a soothing sunset shade or a gentle traditional nightlight, both so which are low blue and speel optimised lighting.


– The low light offers enough light for feeding and comforting, without the disturbing blue light of other nightlights.

– It has a gradual sunset feature that will gently dim over a 15 minute period, mimicking the colours of a real sunset.

– It has been backed by heavy research into the effects of lighting on your Child.

The Bedbug wins the award for best Baby Sleeping aid aesthetics!

Swaddles – Tommee Tippee – Best Budget Sleeping Aid for Babies

There is nothing like the comfort of a mother’s arms to a baby as they fall asleep, but as nice as it would be, it is not possible to hold your baby every time you would like them to fall asleep. This is where swaddling comes in. This is an effective sleep aid that mimics the warmth and comfort of mother’s’ arms, allowing them to fall asleep with ease. There are lots of different options for swaddling, but the one from Tommee Tippee is hypoallergenic, 100% breathable and washable, and comes in a variety of Tog Ratings to suit your local climate.


– It is simple to use and doesn’t need any charging or batteries, so it is ready to go as soon as you are.

– It will keep your baby safe and comfortable through the night, whether you are at home or on the move.

– Wide selection of Colours and styles to suite preference

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine & Nighlight – The Scientific approach!

The Hatch Machine is essentially all the baby sleep aids put into one nifty device, which can then be controlled from your Smartphone! There are multiple options to use either together or individually, so you can work out which combination works best for you and your baby. It also produces a wide variety of sounds, which offers both high and low frequencies to improve the duration and the quality of babies’ sleep.

– It is all in one, so you really won’t have to worry about buying multiple devices to see what helps your little one sleep better.

– The Bluetooth functionality allows you to adjust the settings from your phone, reducing the risk of disturbing your Babies Sleep.

A great adoption of Modern Technology

Sweet Dreamers – Ewan the Sheep – For Babies in noisy environments

Ewan The Sheep is a two in another all in one device. Most babies have some form of comforter to snuggle up to at night and hold on to throughout the day. When mum is not there for them, this is what provides them comfort, but this is a comforter with a difference. This cute little Sheep is also a white noise machine, offering several different types of white and pink noise. You can set the timer to play on a timer, and the really nifty thing about it, is if it senses your baby waking up, it will restart the white noise, so you don’t have to come in and reset it.

– It is super soft and super cute, the type of sleep aid you wouldn’t mind having lying around the house.

– It is very portable. Even as your little one starts to grow up, it can easily be taken out to the shops with them, or even to nursery as an added bit of comfort on those days without mum and dad.

– There are a variety of sound options, so if one doesn’t work for your baby, chances are there will be one that does.

– The in built sleep senor can be a life saver.

Ewan the Sheep is a household favourite Sleeping Aid
Yoto Player – For Babies who like Variety

When you buy the Yoto Player, rest assured you will be making a solid investment. The nifty device is not only great sleeping aid for babies, but it is also incredible for toddlers and young children. Essentially, it is a screen-free audio player for kids, and can be controlled with your phone. You have the choice of playing calming white noise or soothing sounds for babies, or you can use the Yoto Cards to play audio books, songs and stories. It is also a nightlight and clock.

– Parental control can be navigated via the app, making it suitable for a range of ages. Older children are then able to use and control the device themselves.

– There is a vast range of Yoto Cards available, so you can select the card that is suitable for your child’s age, and they will never get bored of the range of content.

– You can shift the colour of the nightlight to more calming colours than bright white.

– As you buy more and more Yoto Cards, you will collect points every time you make a purchase. You can then redeem your points on later purchases.

The Yoto player is versatile and modern

The Wrap-Up

The array of Baby Sleeping aids on offer are endless, and each Baby will have it’s individual preferences. Sleep is a vital part of your Baby’s development, and for the wellbeing of yourself and the wider family. Without an appropriate amount of sleep, you will find yourself growing Fatigued, which may erode the enjoyment of Parenthood! We can personally vouch for the effectiveness of the Tommee Tippee Grofriend and still use it to this day!

If you are interested in understanding more about the Budget Implications of having a baby, feel free to read Our Article on Baby Budgeting. Here we also discuss the benefits of Prams and Carriers which can also be valuable Sleeping aids.

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