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Do you Bring a Gift to a Gender Reveal Party?

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Gender parties are becoming more common as couples celebrate their baby’s gender with friends and loved ones. This party type often featured the gender real alongside some games and refreshments.

If you’re the guest of an upcoming gender reveal party and are stuck on whether it’s polite or awkward to bring gifts to the occasion, the answer is yes; bring your gifts. However, like any other occasion, some gifts are more appropriate than others, and this article will guide you.

This article will shed more light on the acceptability of bringing gifts to a gender reveal party and some Best Gender Reveal Party Gift ideas with appropriate offerings.

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Should you Bring a Gift to a Gender Reveal Party?

Like any other party, bringing gifts is completely acceptable if you have one in mind. While gifts aren’t generally expected at a gender reveal party, unlike a wedding, arriving with something is still a lively gesture.

Some common themes for gifts at gender reveal parties either feature something the parents can use immediately or something for the baby after birth. However, we recommend going with something neutral since the baby’s gender is unknown, and you don’t want to introduce awkwardness to such an exciting event.

If you’re out of neutral gift ideas for a gender reveal party, the next section presents some excellent recommendations.

Gifts to Bring to a Gender Reveal Party

It’s worth emphasizing that while gifts are acceptable at a gender reveal party; however, keep the parents in mind when bringing such presents. This recommendation reduces awkwardness since you may bring a gift for the baby that doesn’t fit their gender or the parent’s wishes.

Essentially, prioritize purchasing something for the mum and dad, an item they can enjoy right away or cherish while waiting for their bundle of joy to arrive. You can give gifts based on their hobbies, favourite sport, etc.

Here are our professional recommendations in case you need help or inspiration for gender reveal gift ideas:

Gender Reveal Party Gifts Ideas for Dad

Finding gifts for men is a relatively simple task as these future fathers welcome the gesture more than the item itself. Nevertheless, dedication to the present is necessary, and we recommend offering either of the following:

Dad Coffee mug

You can never go wrong with a classic “dad” mug. It’s thoughtful and traditional and grounds them deeper into their new responsibility as a father. Furthermore, studies show that men drink coffee more than women, meaning they’ll most likely love the present.

Funny dad shirt

Like how it’s traditional to have an ugly Christmas sweater, dad shirts are pretty standard too. In fact, it’s customary for close friends to provide one to the new father, and you can be the first to solidify their position with a humorous dad t-shirt.

*Note: depending on your relationship, go the humorous route but avoid being too silly.

A perfect gift for Dads!

Parenting book

The majority of parenting books online are geared toward pregnancy and motherhood. This factor leaves dads to seek deeper professional parenting information for fathers. You can ease his search by providing a parenting book for dads, and you’d be surprised how much Appreciation this gesture receives.


Jewellery always works irrespective of the occasion, meaning their ideal even for a gender reveal party. You can get a beautiful necklace, bracelet, armband, etc. If they aren’t into such accessories, you can get a simple but attractive watch; it’ll be much appreciated.

Smart speaker

Parents need all the help possible when handling a toddler, and offering a smart speaker like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home offers a helping hand. This virtual assistant can help busy parents answer calls, play soothing music, get news and weather updates, and many more. It may be the most valuable item they receive from the party.

Other ideas include sweatpants, slides, sunglasses, wallet, sneakers, etc., and if you opt for a humorous gift, ensure it’s not too goofy, except you’re one of “the boys.”

Alexa can quickly become your new best friend during Pregnancy!

Gender Reveal Party Gifts Ideas for Mum

Gender Reveal parties primarily focus on the mum since she’s carrying the bundle of joy for the next free, possibly tiring, months. Therefore the gifts often focus on things to enjoy during and after the pregnancy, and here are some of our recommendations:

Pregnancy Journal

A pregnancy journal is a note that stores your emotions, memories, experiences, and milestones during pregnancy. It’s a timeless gift that the mother and father, and possibly the children, will enjoy reading after the pregnancy passes.

Plush robe

Mothers are very delicate during pregnancies and are sensitive to the slightest imbalance. A plush robe can help bring some comfort as it keeps her warm and cozy after leaving the shower while drying her skin simultaneously.


Like dads, bringing jewellery to a gender reveal party for the expectant mother is an acceptable offering. Fortunately, women’s jewellery is more abundant than men’s, allowing you to pick from necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, and more.

Spa and nail gift cards

Expecting a baby doesn’t mean she can’t keep looking Radiant and beautiful. You can pay for her trip to the nail salon or spa with a gift card, saving the couple extra cash that could go into preparing for the new baby.

Pregnancy slippers or shoes

Pregnancy slippers or shoes are necessary during pregnancy as the mother’s, and child’s combined weight can overwhelm the feet. This pressure results in swelling, aches, and other discomforts. By offering comfortable pregnancy slippers, you help the expectant mother ease the stress on her legs.

Other gift items include baby oil, a baby monitor, Sleeping aid,  a tumbler cup for hydration, etc. Typically, the focus of mom’s gifts at a baby gender reveal party features items to aid the pregnancy and keep her comfortable and happy.

Gender Reveal Party Gifts Ideas for both Parents

If you’re not on board with giving separate gifts at a gender reveal party and prefer giving presents to the couple as a unit, that’s fine. There are plenty of options to give to the parents that have guaranteed a warm reception and big appreciation.

We recommend some of the following options:

Dinner gift card(s)

Like paying for the mum’s nails and spa, consider paying for both couples’ dinners via a gift card. They will maintain the festive mood, and you can contribute by handling their date night. Ensure it’s a gift card somewhere worthwhile for maximum appreciation.

Matching Mum and dad coffee mugs

Matching parents’ Mugs saying “World’s Greatest Mum/Dad” are little gifts expecting parents to enjoy and sometimes look forward to. Besides solidifying their public status as parents, it gives them a special container for their favorite beverage.

Smart speaker

Smart speakers are great devices for dads as they’re typically tech-savvy; however, that doesn’t mean both couples can’t enjoy the benefits of such a technological innovation. In fact, the mother may benefit more from a virtual assistant that helps make calls, checks the time, plays soothing music, sets appointments, and even handles emergencies.

Baby Doppler Machine

The joy experienced at a gender reveal party is contagious and exciting, and if you wish to bring constant excitement to the couple’s life, a Baby Doppler Machine can help. This technology allows the couple to listen to their baby’s heartbeat. It’s the latest in Baby Sound Listening technology.

Snacks and sweets 

When all fails and you’re confused about the most appropriate gift, a gift basket containing snacks, sweets, and other goodies is a guaranteed win. You can’t go wrong with Food at an event, especially when the couple has a sweet tooth. Providing exotic, foreign, or rare treats can make them more exciting.

A family’s strength is based on the parents’ bond, and three gifts are bound to bring the couple closer as they enjoy their newfound status as parents. As previously mentioned, if three gift options are insufficient, consider offering a gift basket with delicious snacks and goodies. You can never go wrong with Food at events.

Gender Reveal Party Gifts Ideas for the Baby 

While we recommend presenting a gift only to the expectant mother and father, there are times when you may bring a gift for the unborn baby. A gift for the baby would be one the parents can use only when the child is born.

This gift may not feel as appreciated as others, but it’s long-lasting and becomes more meaningful as time progresses. Such gifts include:

Baby swaddle blanket

Swaddling is the traditional practice of wrapping a baby in a light, breathable blanket to help them calm down and sleep better. You can get the couple this comfortable swaddle blanket for their baby and save them the financial cost and time needed to acquire it.

Wooden rattle set

Developing babies need toys for teething, personal entertainment, and muscle development. Gifting this wooden rattle set provides parents with toys designed to help the teething baby alongside his flexibility and athletic ability. It’s a gift to use several months after birth, but it’s an essential tool for child development.

Newborn clothes set

Once the baby is born, parents must buy several baby clothes to fit their newborn. This expense and other bills may be overwhelming so you can lend your support and gift newborn clothes set during the gender reveal party.

*Note: the selected items must be unisex since the baby’s gender is unknown.

Gifts to Never Take to a Gender Reveal Party

While many presents are offered at a gender reveal party to bring more joy to the expectant parents, inappropriate gifts also exist. To ensure you don’t ruin the happy mood accidentally, here are some items you should never bring to a gender reveal party.

These include:


Despite the big reveal being a “party,” it’s not the best location to bring alcohol, even if you’re making a toast. This abstinence is due to the mom needing to stay away from alcohol during the pregnancy as it affects the baby’s development.

Therefore, bringing alcohol makes mum feel left out of her party, even if she’s a drinker, ruining the mood. Just bring juice or a non-alcoholic wine instead.

Alcohol should generally be avoided during Pregnancy

Hype for another baby 

Bringing encouragement to a gender reveal party isn’t a gift; nevertheless, it’s something you should avoid saying to the couple. The expectant parents are excited but also nervous about the parenting requirements; they don’t need more pressure to feel.

Even if the couple plans to have more, leave encouragement for a new baby at home and enjoy the party.

Tragic stories

Conversations will pop up regularly at a gender reveal party; however, resist the urge to bring up any tragic story. The goal of a party is to have fun and forget gloomy moments; bringing up horror stories will ruin the vibe quickly.

Even if the couple raises a tragic topic, try to bring positivity as they may be overthinking or anxious.

Gender-Specific Gifts

This article has emphasized the importance of offering gender-neutral gifts since the baby’s sex is unknown. Bringing items for a boy or girl wouldn’t make sense since the gender is getting announced.

Don’t be awkward!

Offer assistance

Expecting parents can use some help completing some tasks and fulfilling orders; however, you shouldn’t get up in the mom’s face with crazy ideas and enthusiasm. Instead, offer support politely and wait for a reply.

Jenna Karvunidis, creator of gender reveal parties, had a cake reveal with pink frosting.


Offering gifts at a gender reveal party is acceptable as the gesture will make mummy and daddy smile. You can opt for presents for either mom or dad or get one for the baby. However, ensure your gift for the baby is gender-neutral since it makes sense for a gender reveal party.

Have you got any great gift ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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