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Fun Baby Name Ideas

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Are you expecting a child soon? Is it a girl or a boy? Either way – Congratulations from the Team at The Baby Edition! Finding a Name for your Baby can be challenging, so read our Fun Baby Name Ideas for some additional inspiration!
Naming your child may appear to be simple, but if you have found your way here, chances are that you are looking for some more inspiration! Overall, the procedure doesn’t have to be difficult, and there are plenty of Fun baby Name Ideas out there. We have pulled a few ideas together to help you out!

Get Names and Ideas from Your Religion or Tribe

If you are a devout follower of any religion, you can get great inspiration from Scripture. Pick some names of people who impress you, and research their personalities and feats to find out if they are a good fit for your new Family addition!

If you are an Atheist, consider looking at great Historical figures, or even a present day person of significance!

Naming your Baby after a Greek or Norse God is certainly one of the more Fun Baby Name Ideas. Their usage in Modern Baby Names is surprisingly common!

Alternatively, you can decide to turn to your tribe or Ancestors for cool name suggestions that will also represent your culture and way of doing things. Going back in time and discovering unique family names that were used by great-great grandparents for instance, could be all you need to do to pick an excellent name for your baby.

Ease or Rhythm in Pronunciation

Sometimes, just the ease in pronunciation of a name can be intriguing to parents-to-be. Some names are short, easy to remember and pronounce. Names such as May, Keith, Mia, and Jess among others are not only easy to call out but to spell also. This simple aspect can add to the uniqueness of a name.

Choosing rhyming names or Alliteration are also Fun Baby Naming Ideas. If you are expecting twins, you can name them Sara and Cara if they are girls, or max and Pax if they are boys. However, rhyming names are not just for twins but can be used to name all your children regardless of their gender. You might need to write out to us for support with Triplets/quadruplets though – that’s going to be a far bigger challenge!

Name Pick by the Parent of the Opposite Gender

This is an Incredibly fun Baby Name Idea. So, if you are expecting a bouncing baby boy, why not let the mum pick the name. And if it’s a baby girl, the dad can pick a name for his little princess. Each may come up or choose several suggestions and then the other parent can ‘Veto’ the names until you find one that resonates with both of you.

Your Favourite Location

Yes. That’s right. As a couple deeply in love, you may have numerous locations where cherished memories were made. It could be the place where you first met, or where you got wedded, or better still your honeymoon location. Naming a baby or babies after a couple’s favorite location has been trendy for several decades now and you can rest assured that this method has not lost its spark. That’s why names like Eugene, Dayton, and Trenton for boys and Carolina, Chelsea, and Nairobi for girls are still popular and trendy. You might have to think carefully about naming your Baby Nando’s or Tinder though…

Search the Internet for Fun Baby Name Ideas

Don’t even try to deny it. If you are parents falling under millennial or generation z age range, this is probably your number one fun way of looking for baby names. You must have googled ‘Fun Baby Names Ideas’ to get here, right? As strange as it may seem or sound to the older generations, searching the internet for a unique and modish baby name is a credible thing to do. Perhaps the only setback from this method is choosing the best name from the numerous suggestions available.

If you want a scientific approach, then The Office of National Statistics publishes an annual report on baby names. While a data driven approach might now be the most Fun Baby Naming Idea, it does give interesting insight into what other Parents have done in recent years. Spoiler alert – Biblical names are on the rise!

Lucky Dip – Fill Hat with Baby Names

You heard it! If you and your Partner simply cannot agree on a name, then pool together a list of acceptable names, then draw them blindly from a hat. Whilst this might seem a Gamble, from the gut feeling you get when you pull out the name, you will instantly know if it’s the right name or not. If you don’t feel the spark – Feel free to pick another, after all, you make the game rules!

Significant Life Moments

Another awesome way of naming your baby is by choosing a name that signifies a special moment in your life. It could be from a favorite song that reminds you of important events in your life. The name can also be derived from the season your baby was conceived or born. Or better still the time of day he or she was born. You can also get the name from the delicacy you enjoyed on your first date. Come here, Chicken McNugget!!

Look to Nature for Ideas

Nature is full of surprises, including baby names. It sounds amusing. Right? If you like flowers, for example, there are many sweet names you can use, such as Lily, Rose, and Daisy. Other species of vegetation, such as reed, marigold, or poppy, are also great Baby Name Ideas. You can get a lot of inspiration if you reside in a mountainous area or near open or flowing waters such as rivers, oceans, and seas. So, naming your child after your favourite tree, flower, body of water, or any other part of the universe that fascinates you is more than acceptable in modern society, and what could be a more Fun Baby Naming Idea than naming your Baby after a Star or Constellation?

International Baby Names

If local names feel and sound so bland, consider looking for a name in other countries or continents. Looking internationally will give you a myriad of unique and voguish names for both boys and girls. To make it even more interesting, you can translate your favorite local names into another foreign language that you already know or are aspiring to learn. This is a great way to give a unique twist to a ‘Common’ name, particularly if it’s been used heavily throughout your family already.

Unusual Names

Depending on how bold and outgoing you are as parents, you can decide to give your bundle of joy an unusual but very unique Baby name. Think of names like Cami, Brynlee, or even Xanthe. And you can also draw inspiration from your career or line of interest. An astronaut may find the name Rocket very appealing while a talented chef or an enthusiastic foodie can name their cute new-born Brie, Cayenne, or even Dolce.


With these fun Baby Name Ideas, you will always have a supply awesome and unique names. Keep in mind that the most crucial thing is to pick a name that you and your spouse will both adore,  and that will also fit your child as they grow up. A name isn’t just for Christmas! For those of you based in the UK, make sure you register your Baby’s name within 42 days of birth as per Government Guidelines.

You may also wish to explore existing Baby Name Lists, in which case we highly recommend This Book which contains over 100,000 names, and is great for Shortlisting some suitable options!

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Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you back soon!


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