Maternity Pads are an unexpected Expense of Pregnancy

How many Maternity Pads Do I Need?

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How Many Maternity Pads Do I Need? I mean, the hard part is over now – right? RIGHT?!!?!?

Women hate periods! Don’t take this the wrong way, but women do – and for obvious reasons. The abdominal cramps, bloating, and night sickness make women feel ABSOLUTELY terrible during periods. Add mood swings to the mix, and you’ll have the perfect recipe for a cranky woman.

So, when women get pregnant, they get excited to welcome not only their bundle of joy but also the prolonged relief of having no periods. Yes, it is true. During pregnancy, women become periods-free. But like everything in life, this relief period is also short. After delivering your bundle of joy, you will get the heaviest period of your life.

According to a research report, the volume of blood in women’s bodies increases by 30 to 50 percent during pregnancy. While most of the extra blood is used to nourish the growing baby, a significant amount of blood is still left for postpartum bleeding. That’s where maternity pads come in handy.

For most pregnant women, the excitement of meeting and holding their baby makes it difficult to focus on postpartum essentials like maternity pads. But after your baby is born, you will have to deal with more than tiny diapers. In fact, during postpartum bleeding, you will be using something similar yourself. So while you are busy stocking up the diapers for your newborn baby, make sure to buy some maternity pads for yourself too.

Are you wondering how many maternity pads you will need? Why can you not use normal sanitary pads? How to choose the right maternity pads? In this article, we have covered all your maternity pad queries. Scroll down to learn everything you need to know about maternity pads!

When are Maternity Pads Used?

After delivery (normal or c-section), the mother bleeds heavily as the uterus starts recovering. The blood discharge will be heavy and quite clotted. This bleeding is heavier than any of women’s menstrual cycles and may last anywhere from two to six weeks after the delivery. The bleeding will lessen as soon as the woman starts feeling better and moving around. However, the bleeding will continue until all the excess uterine surface and placenta are shed off.

Maternity pads are specially designed for pregnant women to help them with postpartum bleeding. But they can serve many other purposes. Pregnant women also use them during labour when traveling to the hospital or to stop leaking once their water breaks. Also, if the water breaks before the labour pain starts, pregnant women can use a maternity pad so the nurses can check the colour of the water later.

Therefore, by all means, maternity pads are a lifesaver for pregnant women and are absolutely worth having in your hospital bag. Furthermore, maternity pads are not limited to new mothers only. Some women experience heavy bleeding during perimenopause,  miscarriage, fibroids or hormonal imbalance. Therefore, they can always switch to maternity pads for extra comfort and support.

Why are Maternity Pads Better Than Sanitary Pads?

The comparison between maternity and sanitary pads is made on many online pregnancy forums. While some think sanitary pads do as good a job as maternity pads, others believe that maternity pads offer more comfort. This problem leaves many pregnant women confused, and they cannot decide what to pick. Do you fall into a similar category? Pick maternity pads without thinking twice!

Maternity pads are designed for postpartum bleeding, while sanitary pads are for regular periods. You are absolutely wrong if you think postpartum bleeding is any close to a regular period. It is much heavier than menstrual bleeding. Therefore, you will need a pad that is thicker and more absorbent.

Maternity pads are thick and long enough to cover a larger area of women, while sanitary pads are thin and cover less area. Also, maternity pads can hold up to 450 ml of liquid, whereas sanitary pads can only hold up to 10 ml of liquid. While many sanitary pads claim to be thicker, longer, and more absorbent, they are still not worth including in your hospital bag as they have a netted top layer like other sanitary pads. The netted top layer might irritate your stitched skin if you undergo a C-section.

Therefore, it is important to get maternity pads for dealing with postpartum bleeding as they are softer, thicker, and cause no discomfort to the stitches.

How Many Maternity Pads Will You Need Post-Delivery?

Are you heading to the market to stock up on maternity pads but not sure how many to get? Well, you should get plenty as you will have to use them more often than you imagined. Yes. That’s exactly how heavy postpartum bleeding is. When purchasing your postpartum supplies, make sure to include three to four packs of 10 maternity pads.

Also, stuff at least two packs in your hospital bag, as you will start bleeding right after your baby is born. You will have to change your pad after every hour or two. Later, it will reduce to every three to four hours and continue to reduce as time passes. During postpartum, maintaining good hygiene is quite crucial.

If you do not change your maternity pads frequently, you will increase your risk of developing vaginal infections. Therefore, the more maternity pads, the better it is for your health and comfort.

How to Pick the Right Maternity Pads?

It is true that during your stay in the hospital after giving birth, the nurse will supply you with mesh underwear and huge hospital-grade maternity pads. However, not all women are fans of this particular combination and will pick to keep their own supplies even in the hospital.

Picking any maternity pads off the shelf will definitely not be a wise decision. Like all other postpartum supplies, it needs your thoughtful research too.

Otherwise, you will be stuck with plenty of maternity pads that leak and are uncomfortable to wear. So, it is important to avoid the temptation of picking maternity pads of any brand

and take the following factors into account to make the right choice:

Try and find Comfortable Maternity Pads - You need them!


After giving birth, it is common for women to experience soreness and skin sensitivity. If they have had stitches, it is more critical to have no chafing against the raw skin. Therefore, while picking out maternity pads, you must choose the one that stays gentle and soft on the skin. Considering this, maternity pads made of hypoallergic material will be perfect.

Size and Absorbency

Another important factor to consider while choosing maternity pads is their size and absorbency. As mentioned above, postpartum bleeding and discharge are heavier. Therefore, you should choose a pad that is longer and comes with a higher level of absorbency.

However, it is worth keeping in mind that choosing a highly absorbent pad does not mean you can delay changing times. The higher level of absorbency only guarantees no stains and leaks. It has absolutely no impact on changing times.


During postpartum bleeding, your vaginal area becomes more prone to humidity and dampness, which can lead to infections. Therefore, you should invest in maternity pads that are breathable and highly absorbent. They will keep your vaginal area dry and away from infections.


While the maternity pads might not be as cute as your baby’s first outfit, they still come in a few styles – mainly wings or no wings. Winged pads have sticky flaps on the side for you to fold under and attach to your underwear’s centre. Maternity pads with no wings can simply be stuck along the centre of your underwear.

It is completely up to you to pick whichever style you want. Pick the one that feels secure and comfortable to you. However, if you want to keep the pad securely in place, especially when sleeping, go for winged maternity pads, as they are designed not to budge around.

When working otu How many Maternity Pads you need, you may wish to consider portability


If you are an environmentally conscious mother, go for reusable maternity pads. Reusable maternity pads are made of natural fibres that are not only gentle on the skin but also machine or hand washable. However, if washing maternity pads seems like too much to do in an already challenging phase of your life, you can go for disposable maternity pads.

Customer Reviews

In today’s world, everything is available at the tip of your fingers, including product reviews. Choosing the right maternity pads is important not only for your comfort but also health. Therefore, you must take your time and read customer reviews about all the narrowed options.

Many maternity pads are packaged with false claims. However, their customer reviews can tell how comfortable, absorbent and leak-proof they actually are. Therefore, it is important to check customer reviews to avoid making a wrong choice. Remember, the wrong maternity pads cannot only cause you discomfort but also put you at a high risk of developing vaginal infections.

Best Maternity Pads that All Pregnant Women Should Know

Knowing which factors to look for in maternity pads is good. However, it still does not make the selection process less challenging as millions of options are available with all or some factors. To help narrow down your search, here are a few of the best maternity pads recommendations:

Lil-Lets Maternity Pads (Best Overall)

The Lil-lets always have had women’s back when it comes to their feminine hygiene needs. Their range of maternity products is an absolute favourite of new and expecting moms. When it comes to the best maternity pads, there is no reason why we should not put Lil-Lets Maternity pads on top of the list. They are gently cushioned, highly absorbent, and perfectly sized to ensure you feel secure and comfortable. And they won’t blow your budget!

With the soft and breathable material, these maternity pads are known for causing no irritation to stitches. Therefore, if you are or will be a caesarean mom, choose Lil-Lets Maternity pads without hesitation. Unlike others, these maternity pads are quite thin and discreet, making them perfect maternity pads for going out. Lil-Lets Maternity pads might be thin but are definitely efficient in soaking all the blood.

The more secure and comfortable you feel during the early days of postpartum, the more you will be able to focus on the new arrival. Lil-Lets Maternity pads will get this job done perfectly. Also, these disposable maternity pads come in a bundle pack of 30 for a great value of money. Therefore, you will not run out of maternity pads anytime soon. Order them for ultimate post-delivery protection.


  • Soft and gentle material
  • High absorbency
  • Thin and discreet
  • Long and winged pads
  • Budget-friendly
  • No irritation to stitches


  • Not environment-friendly

Lil-Lets are our top choice for Maternity Pads

Abena Premium Maternity Pads ( Highly Absorbent Pads)

Are you looking for maternity pads with high absorbency? Well, in that case, choose Abena Premium Maternity pads as it is hands-down the highly-absorbent pads. They can absorb 800ml liquid per pad and are specifically made for heavy postpartum bleeding. Therefore, if you want to stay stain-free during postpartum, it will be a wise decision to invest in Abena Premium Maternity pads.

Not only do they absorb heavy bleeding, but they also encourage fast healing and reduce the risk of vaginal infections. Also, they will offer you the pillowy softness that will be much needed after giving birth. Even though these pads do not come with wings, they still do not budge, thanks to their highly sticky adhesive strips.

While these maternity pads are best in performance, they do come with a hefty price that might not fit everyone’s budget. However, the comfort and protection they provide make them worth the price. Order them to remain stain and odour-free post-delivery!


  • Highly absorbent pads (800ml per pad)
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Best for heavy postpartum bleeding
  • Long and thick maternity pads
  • No irritation to stitches
  • Fully breathable
  • FSC and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified
  • Eco-friendly


  • Expensive
  • Too bulky
  • No wings

Organyc Organic Cotton Maternity Pads (100% Organic Disposable Maternity Pads)

Are you an environmentally-conscious mom but do not want to use reusable pads? We also have a perfect choice for you – Organyc organic cotton maternity pads. These maternity pads are 100% organic and naturally made of cotton to help women manage heavy postpartum bleeding without causing harm to the environment.

These maternity pads contain no harmful additives and have a soft outer layer not to irritate your birth stitches or sensitive skin, making it a hospital bag essential. Also, these maternity pads are highly absorbent to keep new moms stress-free. Order them to protect not only you but also the environment!


  • 100% organic and natural maternity pads
  • Disposable
  • Highly absorbent
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Reduce risks of developing infections


  • Pricey
  • No wings

Organyc Pads are great for those who wish to remain Environmentally Neutral

Eco Lily Reusable Sanitary/Maternity Pads ( Best Reusable Maternity Pads)

Are you looking for a zero-waste maternity pad? Go for Eco Lily Reusable maternity pads. They are super absorbent, comfortable and budget-friendly. These pads are made from soft bamboo fleece, ensuring maximum comfort and longevity. Unlike others, the odour-absorbing charcoal in these reusable maternity pads will keep new moms stain and odour-free during postpartum bleeding.

Also, these pads stay in place securely, thanks to snaps that wrap around the bottom of the underwear, just like the wings on disposable pads. Therefore, these reusable pads can also be used for night protection. Moreover, these reusable pads can be both hand or machine washed for a hassle-free cleaning experience.


  • Reusable maternity pads – Great for your Budget!
  • Highly absorbent
  • Hand and machine washable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Winged reusable pads
  • Infused with odour-absorbing charcoal


  • Too bulky
  • Not discreet at all


Postpartum is one of the toughest phases of a woman’s life. While the arrival of your baby brings you a lot of joy, it also brings a lot of body changes that you are not mentally prepared for. As soon as you give birth, you will start bleeding heavily. That’s what marks the start of postpartum. To manage postpartum bleeding, women have to use maternity pads.

While choosing maternity pads might not seem like a big issue that requires your thoughtful research, it still is. Picking maternity pads randomly will make an already challenging phase of your life more stressful. You will feel uncomfortable, leave stains anywhere you sit or lay down, and, in the worst-case scenario, might develop an infection.

If you don’t want this to happen, pick your maternity pads wisely. Rather than spending time on the internet snooping around for customer reviews and ratings, it is best to consider our mentioned options.

In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about picking the right maternity pads for yourself, along with some recommendations to cater to different preferences. Do you have an opinion to share about our recommendations? Leave us a comment. Also, don’t forget to bookmark our page to come back later for more pregnancy and maternity guides.

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