It's not easy to Hide Pregnancy Bump

How to Hide Pregnancy Bump – 20 Ways to keep your Friends Guessing!

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Bang! You have been hit by the most unexpected news of your lifetime. Not that it’s bad news; it’s just that you weren’t prepared for a huge change in your life at the moment, and are now trying to work out how you might hide Pregnancy Bump until you have worked everything out. All in all, you have to take it all in and make a plan for the way forward. After all, nothing prepares you for the exciting journey of motherhood, or, let’s say, parenthood. But wait a minute—does anybody need to know your current status? No.

Alternatively, maybe you planned the Pregnancy all along, and just want to have a bit of Fun with your friends and family?

Either way, keep reading for our top tips on how you can help keep your bump a cute little secret –

It's easier to Hide Pregnancy Bump with Florals and Dark Colours

Dressing Styles to Help Hide Pregnancy Bump

Now, one of the best ways to conceal your Pregnancy bump is through the clothes you choose to wear. Your dressing style can either draw attention to some parts of your body or do the exact opposite, that is, draw attention away from the intended areas. This means you can direct people’s attention away from your stomach and toward other parts of your body.

Here are some suggestions for how to dress for the day without attracting attention to your growing Pregnancy Bump.

1.   Wear Loose Tops or Dresses

If you are a stylish girl, this may sound off to you, but don’t worry, it’s just for a short while. Loose, stylish tops will do a fantastic job of concealing your bump. To spice up the look, the tops can be ruffled and flouncy.

Also, choose loose dresses or ones with an empire waist since they make you look feminine without necessarily clinging to your curves. And, if you live in a cold climate, opt for loose, fashionable sweaters or trench coats to keep you warm.

2.   Pick Floral Outfits

Bright colours are always attractive to the eye. Instead of people concentrating on your bulging belly, they will enjoy looking at the colourful floral patterns on your top or dress. In case you are not a big Floral lover, you can do other prints like checks, stripes, or dots. Just ensure that whichever print you choose perfectly draws attention away from your midsection.

3.   Go for Layered Clothes

Why not try a layered dress to divert the eyes from scrutinizing your Pregnancy Bump? Apart from looking stylish, this comfy style will ensure that you enjoy your outings without worrying at all. You can use a drapery top or a loose jacket or blazer if the temperatures are low. Better still, you can have the layers in contrasting colours, prints, or patterns to give you that bold look.

4.   Choose Darker Colours

The colours of the outfits you choose have different effects on your overall appearance. Choose black or other dark colours for your maternity wear. Why? Darker colours have a slimming effect on the body, which is what you want to achieve throughout your pregnancy. However, you don’t want to change your entire wardrobe, but you can incorporate dark-coloured outfits gradually as you continue to enjoy your other clothes.

5.    Balance Your Attire

That’s right. As much as the ultimate goal here is to hide your Pregnancy bump, that doesn’t mean that you go for an all-baggy appearance. Instead, strike a balance, and you will easily achieve a glamorous look while at it. So, if you are wearing a loose top, go for a fitting skirt, but make sure it is ideal maternity wear. On the other hand, if you are wearing a layered or empire-waist dress, ensure that it has an appealing bust that is comfortable at the same time.

Hide Pregnancy Bump using Accessories

Accessories have been used for centuries to make an outfit stand out, making people feel more confident and ready to face the world. Having said that, accessories can be used at all stages of life and in all seasons. Let’s look at some of the accessories that will work wonders at hiding your pregnancy bump without giving you away.

1.   Use Scarves

As simple as it may seem, scarves do a great job of hiding a growing Pregnancy Bump. All you need to do is hang it down in front of you or wrap it around your neck and drape it over your shoulders. Depending on the season, you can wear a lighter, flowery scarf or a heavier, woollen one. You can also mix and match scarves to go well with your entire outfit to look fashionable.

2.   Adorn Statement Jewellery to Hide Pregnancy Bump

If you are a jewellery person, then wearing striking statement jewellery, such as a long, fancy necklace or a set of earrings, will help you distract people’s attention from your midsection. Statement jewellery is great at directing attention away from where it is unintended to other focal areas.

3.   Use Your Favourite Belt to Hide Pregnancy Bump

Does it sound strange? Wearing your fancy belt over your bump will accentuate your feminine figure and highlight your upper body. Just ensure that the belt is big enough to accommodate you and the baby. You don’t want it to be too tight.

4.    Creatively Structured Handbags and Hats to Hide Pregnancy Bump

Go for a creative or artistic tote or handbag with structure to detract interest from your belly. You can choose a striking colour or design to give your clothing more attention. If you are really artistic, you can accompany your bag with a matching hat to achieve a voguish yet fun look that focuses on other areas of your body.

5.   Comfortable Shoes

As your Pregnancy bump grows and you add those extra pounds, you will need to be mindful of the type of shoes you wear. However, choose a striking pair of shoes that draw attention away from your stomach. You might choose footwear with intriguing accents like ribbons or buckles or vividly coloured footwear. Moreover, be sure that the shoes you choose are comfortable to walk in and won’t irritate your feet if you have to stand for a long time.

It's easier to Hide Pregnancy Bump when you are not showing signs of Morning Sickness!

Nutritional Tips to Keep People Clueless About Your Pregnancy Bump

Although some pregnancy symptoms are unavoidable, making conscious decisions about what to eat and when can greatly reduce some of these symptoms that can easily sell you out. Here are a few tips to see you through this phenomenal phase in your life.

1.   Always Have Peppermint or Ginger Candies

Did you know that peppermint and ginger are natural remedies for nausea and can help alleviate symptoms of morning sickness? Now that you know, keep a few candies in your pocket or bag to help you get through the day. You may also wish to consider using this Morning Sickness Nausea Kit developed by Midwives, to help keep your Morning sickness under control!

2.   Regularly Use Essential Oils

It is said that the enlarged nose of a pregnant woman increases her sense of smell. That’s why you might find yourself noticing smells, both good and bad, in a more precise way than ever before. Some essential oils, such as peppermint or lavender, can be helpful in reducing feelings of nausea brought about by smells that you now find unpleasant. You can carry a small bottle with you to smell as needed throughout the day. If you are unfamiliar with essential oils, we highly recommend purchasing an Essential Oils Gift Set in order to work out which ones you like (or more importantly – don’t like!)

3.    Always Carry Your Favourite Crackers

You don’t mean to have something in your mouth all the time. Far from it! But if you want to combat nausea like a pro, have plain crackers or your favourite dry cereal pack with you. Tossing a few pieces in your mouth when that nasty feeling strikes could make all the difference as far as keeping your pregnancy a secret is concerned.

4.   Drink Enough Water

As always, water is the number one drink that resets our bodies to health and maintains that state in the most natural way. It has no harmful chemicals whatsoever. So, taking plenty of water throughout the day will keep you well hydrated and keep morning sickness at bay, hence keeping your pregnancy under wraps.

5.   Eat a Balanced Diet

Well, what does eating balanced meals have to do with hiding your pregnancy bump? First of all, eating a healthy, balanced diet is important for your own health as well as the health of your baby. Hence, concentrate on including a lot of fruits, veggies, lean protein, and whole grains in your meals. Secondly, eating healthy will keep the absurd cravings associated with pregnancy at bay. With all of the nutrients your body requires, you won’t be eating anything that will alert everyone to your pregnancy status.

If you want to read more about Morning sickness, consider reading Is There A Way To Prevent Morning Sickness?! & The Top 10 Best Ways To Reduce Nausea Naturally

Cool Behaviours That Will help Hide Pregnancy Bump

Sometimes your behaviour is all it takes for people to learn a lot about you without you having to say a single word. Learn about some behaviours that expectant women do and try to avoid them as much as possible if you want to successfully hide your pregnancy. Let’s look at some of them.

1.   Cover-up for Your Morning Sickness Creatively

The most notorious thing about pregnancy is morning sickness. And you can’t predict when it is likely to strike. So when it eventually comes, create a good and believable excuse to cover it up. You can blame it on an allergy to certain foods that you ate last night, for instance. To do this very well, you need to sharpen your storytelling skill and tactic. Who knows, maybe this skill will get you a promotion or open up new opportunities in your career.

2.   Excuse Yourself Early Enough

The desire to vomit can become overwhelming at times. To avoid making people curious, excuse yourself early enough and go to the bathroom. This will give you time to walk away from your friends confidently and without a rush. While in the bathroom, buy some time until the feeling goes away or until you are done throwing up. Then walk back as confidently and calmly as possible.

3.   Use Objects to Hide Pregnancy Bump While in the Office

Wow! This sounds interesting, but it is very helpful. As a matter of fact, you can place objects in a certain way on your work desk to obstruct your keen colleagues’ looks. And while going to a meeting, you can carry a notebook, file, paperwork, or a laptop in front of your belly.

4.   Refrain From Touching Your Pregnancy Bump Unnecessarily

Are you feeling the kicks in there? Of course yes. But try as much as possible not to touch your belly unnecessarily or for long periods of time, because doing so will give you away. People around you will start wondering whether something is cooking in the oven. However, when you are alone and in a private setting, you can touch, feel, and bond with your baby as much as possible.

Help and Support From Loved Ones—literally

We can never achieve much without the undying support of our loved ones. Similarly, if you are to hide your Pregnancy bump successfully to the end, support from those close to you will go a long way. See some of the ways they can offer their support.

1.   Go for Outdoor Activities When at Your Best

Outdoor activities with friends and loved ones are a magical experience that no one would want to miss. These activities work great for strengthening friendships and creating strong bonds among family members. Having said that, only go for these fun filled activities when you feel at your best. If you are having an off day (Relax – we all have them!) it could raise suspicion. It’s fine to take a rain check if you don’t want to risk blowing your cover!

2.   Request Those in the Know to Keep the News to Themselves

The prospect of a new baby is exciting for anyone. So, be aware that those close to you who know you are soon going to be a mom are as excited as you are. So, they might feel compelled to share the good news with other people. To ensure this doesn’t happen against your will, make it clear that you will really appreciate it if they keep the news to themselves. Do not assume that they know what you want.

Keep Rocking All the Way!

Having all these tips at your fingertips will make your secretive pregnancy journey as cool and enjoyable as it possibly can be. When your little bundle of joy finally makes his or her debut in this world, everyone will wonder where he or she has been hiding.

All the best and keep it safe!

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