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How to Use Pregnancy Pillow

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Your pregnancy should be one of the most magical times in your life, full of joy, excitement, and expectation. However, with pregnancy comes various challenges, including physical discomforts such as back pain, hip pain, and sleep disturbances. A pregnancy pillow can be the perfect solution to these challenges.

However, the plethora of sizes, materials and shapes of pregnancy pillows available can make it difficult to choose the one that will best ease your symptoms. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, fear not because this article aims to be the ultimate guide to pregnancy pillows. We will discuss everything, from the benefits of using pregnancy pillows to how to use a pregnancy pillow. We will also consider the various types of pregnancy pillows available, highlighting some of the top choices on the market. So, let’s get started on this journey to a more comfortable and peaceful pregnancy.

Pregnancy Pillows offer great Comfort at a low cost!

What is a pregnancy pillow?

Before we jump into the benefits and uses of pregnancy pillows, let’s first define what a pregnancy pillow is. A pregnancy pillow is specifically designed to provide both support and comfort to pregnant women. It can help alleviate the physical discomforts of pregnancy, whilst promoting better sleep by enabling you to find a comfortable sleeping position. Using a pregnancy pillow can help improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and alleviate pressure on the bladder. Additionally, they can help you avoid getting prenatal conditions like sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome. Overall, a pregnancy pillow is an essential tool for pregnant women to achieve comfortable and restful sleep during a time when their bodies are undergoing significant changes.

Benefits of a Pregnancy Pillow

Using a pregnancy pillow can offer numerous benefits to you if you’re a pregnant woman! Firstly, it can improve sleep quality by providing support to the belly, hips, and back, thereby reducing discomfort and pressure points that may disrupt sleep. They can lessen pregnancy-related aches and pains like back pain, hip pain, and pelvic pain by offering this support. They also promote improved circulation, which is vital for both you and your developing baby.

It’s important to remember that pregnancy pillows uses don’t finish as pregnancy ends! They can also be used after childbirth to provide support while breastfeeding or when recovering from a c-section.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillows come in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate the various needs of pregnant women. Let’s jump into discussing the most common types that you can purchase.

Full-body Pillows

The advantages of full-body pillows are their length, flexibility, and the fact that they come in a variety of shapes, including C, U, and J. This means they can be wrapped around the whole body to support your back, legs and tummy. They can be positioned in a variety of ways. A C-shaped pillow, for example, can be used as a support if you’re sleeping on your side or as a backrest if you’re sitting up in bed. The main benefit of purchasing a full-body cushion is that it can alleviate pregnancy-related discomforts such as back pain, hip pain, and leg cramps. Full-body pillows help improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and alleviate pressure on your bladder.

Wedge Pillows

Wedge pillows are triangular-shaped pillows designed to provide support for specific areas of your body, including the belly or back. Wedge pillows are both compact and portable. This makes them ideal for trips away, because they can be moved and stored easily when you aren’t using them! Wedge pillows are also extremely versatile, enabling you to use them in a variety of different positions including behind your back or under your belly.

Additional Features

If you have specific needs, there are a variety of additional features you can add-on to your pregnancy pillow for added support. One option is to have cooling technology built-in to your pillow, which helps regulate your body temperature which will reduce overheating whilst you sleep. This will lead to a more restful, deep sleep. Other pillows allow you to adjust the firmness and thickness of the pillow to better suit your comfort preferences and changing needs during pregnancy. Finally, to lower the possibility of allergic reactions or skin irritation, many pregnancy pillows are made of hypoallergenic materials like cotton or bamboo. In essence, pregnancy pillows with these additional features can provide added comfort during pregnancy.

Specialised Pillows

Specialised pregnancy pillows are designed to provide support and alleviate specific health conditions during pregnancy.

  1. Pregnancy pillows that have a narrow section for the arms to rest on can help reduce the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  2. Using a pillow that supports the tummy and relieves pressure on the lower back may be beneficial for women with gestational diabetes.
  3. Pillows that have a contoured shape, and provide firm support for the lower body can help reduce symptoms of sciatica.

Inflatable Pillows

Inflatable pillows are perfect for mums-to-be who are often on the go! This is because they can be deflated and folded up, which makes them highly portable. They can be used when travelling, at work, or at home. Not only this, but they are far more affordable than regular pillows which makes them best if you’re on a budget! Like the other pregnancy pillows discussed thus far, inflatable pillows can be used in a number of different positions to enhance your comfort.

Bean-Shaped Pillows

Bean-shaped pregnancy pillows are a unique and versatile type of pregnancy pillow. They provide support and comfort to the belly and hips during sleep. These bean-shaped pillows are made to nestle closely against the body and offer specific support where it is most needed. A bean-shaped pregnancy pillow’s compact size is one of its main benefits. They take up less room in the bed and can be moved and adjusted to the ideal position more quickly because they are smaller than other types of pregnancy pillows.

Choosing the Right Type of Pillow

It is clear that there are a huge range of pregnancy pillows available. This can make it overwhelming when trying to pick out the pregnancy pillow that best suits your needs. Here are some things to think about when selecting the ideal pregnant pillow for you!

  1. A crucial factor to consider when selecting a pregnancy pillow is the position in which you sleep. A full-body pillow or C-shaped pillow may be the most comfortable for side sleepers. A wedge pillow would be ideal if you like to sleep on your back, though.
  2. Another critical factor is the level of support you require. Think about what areas of your body require the most support. If you just require targeted support on specific areas of your body, choose a pillow that provides adequate support in those areas.
  3. The size of the pillow is another important consideration. Some pregnancy pillows are designed to be large and bulky to provide extra support, while others are more compact and portable. Is there enough space in your bed for a full-body pillow? Or, would something more compact be better?
  4. Typically, pregnancy pillows are made from microbeads, polyester or memory foam. You should consider what materials you will find most comfortable, and take into account any sensitivities you may have!
  5. Lastly, when purchasing a pregnancy pillow you should bare in mind your budget. While full-body pillows tend to be on the pricier side, inflatable or bean-shaped pillows are better for those with a lower budget.

There are a variety of ways to use Pregnancy Pillows

How to use a pregnancy pillow?

Now, let’s discuss how to use a pregnancy pillow! Despite the apparent simplicity of using a pregnancy pillow, there are some methods you can utilise to get the most out of your pillow. This includes positioning the pillow correctly.

  • If you’re using a full-body cushion, you should begin by lying on your side with the pillow between your legs. Then, wrap the pillow around your back and under your belly to provide support.
  • With a wedge pillow, place the narrow end under your belly or behind your back, depending on where you need support.
  • If you’re using a C-shaped or U-shaped pillow, position it in the centre of your bed with the open end facing away from you. Lay on your side with the curved portion of the pillow behind your back and under you tummy for support, your legs on the other end, and your head at the other.
  • If you’re using a wedge pillow, position it behind you back or under your bump.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different pillow positions to find what works best for you. For instance you may find that placing the pillow between your legs provides more support and comfort.

Cleaning Your Pregnancy Pillow

Cleaning your pregnancy pillow is crucial to ensure that it remains free from dust, dirt and allergens. This will ensure you, and the baby, stay in good health. Here are our top tips on how to clean your pregnancy pillow:

  1. Before you commence with cleaning your pregnancy pillow, you must check the care instructions on the label. Remember that different types of pillows may have different cleaning methods. It is essential that you follow the instructions provided so that you don’t ruin your pregnancy pillow!
  2. If your pregnancy pillow has a small stain, this can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth or mild detergent. Use a gentle cycle and a mild detergent, and be sure to wash the pillow cover separately from the pillow itself.
  3. Some pregnancy pillows cannot be machine washed. Instead, you can hand wash them in a bathtub or sink. Fill the tub or sink with warm water and mild detergent, and gently rub the pillow to remove dirt and stains.
  4. Once you have cleaned your pregnancy pillow, be sure to dry it thoroughly. You can air dry the pillow outside on a sunny day or use a low heat setting on the dryer. Be sure to check the care instructions for specific drying instructions.

The Best Pregnancy Pillows on the Market

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge

The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge is a small and compact pillow that is designed to provide targeted support for the belly, back, and hips during pregnancy. Due to its compact size, you can use it anywhere – the sofa, the bed or whilst travelling! It is made of pressure-relieving, firm foam which prevents rolling. It is very flexible which means you can use it in a variety of ways to provide customised support for different parts of your body! For instance, it can be positioned under the back to ease lower back pain or under the belly to support the body while resting on the side. It can also be used to elevate the legs and feet for that extra bit of comfort. The standout quality of the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge is its machine-washable, detachable cover, which makes keeping the pillow clean extremely easy! Not only is the pillows cover easy to clean, it will also keep you cool thanks to its soft and breathable material construction.

Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

The Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow is a U-shaped full-body pillow that is designed to provide comprehensive support to the entire body during pregnancy. The pillow features a soft, plush cover and is filled with high-density foam that helps to keep its shape and provide lasting support. Due to its unique U-shape, the pillow can support the head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, and legs while also conforming to the natural curves of the body. This makes it the perfect option if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort throughout your body during pregnancy. The pillow may also be moved into various positions to meet your various needs and sleeping preferences. The cover of the Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow is made from a hypoallergenic and breathable material – perfect if you have sensitive skin! The breathable material helps to regulate your body temperature and keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

The Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

The Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge is a compact wedge pillow which you can use to support targeted areas on your body during pregnancy. It is perfect if you experience pain and discomfort in your hips, back or legs because of its ergonomic design, which relieves pressure and discomfort. One of the key features of the Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge is its dual-layer memory foam, which provides comfortable and supportive cushioning for the body. The foam is risk-free for both you and your baby because it has no harmful toxins and is hypoallergenic. With its adaptable shape, the pillow can be used in a variety of ways to provide individualised support for different body parts.

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

The PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow is a C-shaped full-body pillow that is designed to provide comprehensive support for pregnant women. It is constructed from top quality materials and has an adjustable design that enables users to alter their sleeping position for the best possible comfort and support. The pillow is filled with premium polyfill material that helps it maintain its shape and provide lasting support. Its distinctive C-shape design, which follows the body’s natural curves, provides support for various areas including the head, neck, shoulders and hips. This makes it ideal for you, if you’re experiencing a lot of aches and pains during pregnancy. The cover of the PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow is made from a soft and breathable material that helps to regulate temperature and keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. One of the standout features of the PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow is its adjustable design. The pillow can be folded and manipulated into different positions to accommodate your different sleeping preferences and needs.

Where to buy a pregnancy pillow?

Now you know how to use a pregnancy pillow and their benefits, you may be wondering – where can I purchase a pregnancy pillow? They are available to purchase on your high street from stores such as Mamas and Papas and John Lewis. If you prefer to shop online, retail giant – Amazon – is a great place to start. If you choose to order through Amazon you will have your pregnancy pillow with you the next day!

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, pregnancy pillows are an essential accessory for you if you’re expecting, as they help provide you with the support and comfort you need to have a restful sleep during pregnancy. There are a wide range of pillows readily available on the market including full-body pillows, wedge pillows and specialty pillows. This makes it easy to find the ideal pillow for your particular needs and preferences. Each type of pillow offers unique benefits, such as targeted support for specific areas of the body, adjustable designs, and various additional features. In the end, purchasing a premium pregnancy pillow can significantly improve your quality of sleep, lessen pain and discomfort, and improve general wellbeing during this critical time.

Do any of you still use your Pregnancy Pillow to this day? Let us know in the comments!

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