A 4D Baby Scan can indicate the Babies appearance

Is a 4D Baby Scan worth it?

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Whether 4D Baby scans are worth it or not depends on many factors. Personal preference ranks highest. As the expectant mum or dad, waiting till your baby is born to discover what he or she looks like may feel like an eternity. Or, it could just be out of sheer curiosity. What does the baby look like while inside there? What is the baby doing? Can he see? Can she smile? So, whatever the reason, are 4D Baby scans worth it?

But before anything else, let’s first of all understand what a 4D Baby scan is and why it is different from a 2D or 3D scan.

What Is a 4D Baby Scan?

In simple terms, a 4D scan is a medical scan that uses ultrasounds to create a sonogram or a three-dimensional (3D) image of organs inside a human body. A 4D Baby scan is also majorly used to examine the developing foetus inside its mother’s womb. As the name suggests, a 4D scan adds a fourth dimension, which is time. This makes it possible to capture a more realistic, dynamic, and moving image of the foetus.

To get the most out of a 4D scan, it is best performed during the second or third trimester of the pregnancy, when the baby’s fat tissues are more developed and before the baby’s head turns downward into the pelvis. From this scan, you can usually identify the baby’s gender, see the face more clearly, and who knows, you might catch him sucking his thumb or, better yet, stretching his tiny body!

You may hear that 4D scans are dangerous for your Baby. However, this is a complete Myth, as discussed in Our Article on whether 4D Baby Scans are Dangerous.

What Is the Difference Between a 4D Baby Scan and a 2D or 3D Scan?

You may be familiar with the 2D scan, which is a black-and-white, flat image of the foetus, and most commonly carried out as part of your Routine NHS Checks. A 3D scan is the next level up, and gives a more realistic image and view of the foetus since it allows one to see features like the face, hands, legs, and other organs in detail and more clearly.

Now, a 4D Baby scan, as stated earlier, adds the time dimension to a 3D image. In so doing, a 4D scan shows the baby’s movements, including facial expressions, in real time and in a more interactive and lifelike manner. Additionally, it is important to note that 4D Baby scans are not as detailed as 2D or 3D scans since they focus more on capturing the outer appearance and movement of the foetus rather than a detailed anatomical image.

One risk of booking a 4D Baby Scan is that your Baby may decide it wants to hide! Your Practitioner on the day will help encourage your Baby to say Hello, and give you an opportunity to go on a walk, and have a glass of water. However, if baby doesn’t want to say hello after 30 minutes or so, then you may have to pay for the appointment with some disappointing Pictures. On our first appointment, our Daughter was more interested in hugging herself against the Umbilical cord, but eventually woke herself up after some very light star-jumps!

A 4D Baby Scan is great, but not essential

Why It Is Worth Taking Your Baby’s 4D Scan

There are numerous reasons why taking a 4D Baby scan for your baby is worthwhile. Nonetheless, it is good to bear in mind that a 4D scan is not a prerequisite examination during prenatal care, but it is an optional service typically offered by private organisations.

Let’s look at several reasons why taking a 4D Baby scan is worth it.

1.     Personal Preference

Would you want to have that special experience of seeing your baby in more detail than what you have already seen on the usual 2D scan? Then a 4D Baby scan will give you more than you bargained for, as you can also see what your little one is doing while in there. Your Baby might be sucking their thumb, playing with the Umbilical cord, or even having a little dance!

Some parents choose not to have a 4D Scan, and wait until Babies day of arrival – and this is perfectly fine too!

2.     Enhance Bonding

More importantly, 4D Baby scans can help many parents-to-be feel a deep connection to their baby and create an emotional bond before birth—one that will last a lifetime. After seeing their little one’s facial expressions and body movements, the soon-to-be parents can start imagining what their baby will look like after birth. We had several 4D scans throughout our pregnancy, and our Dear Daughter was always hugging the Umbilical cord, or sucking her thumb. And guess what? She has always been a hugger since!

It can also really help bring the experience to life for the parents, as often, up until this point, your only interaction with your Baby will have been via an Ultrasound.

3.     Vital Medical Data

As previously stated, 4D Baby scans are not required as part of the standard prenatal care routine. However, they can be quite useful in determining the baby’s position or even the amount of amniotic fluid in the womb. This information is extremely useful to your health care provider when determining whether or not everything is progressing as predicted during the baby’s growth and development. If your practitioner notes any anomalies during the check, it’s vital that you consult with your GP or Midwife as soon as possible.

4D Baby Scan Practitioners are not necessarily trained Healthcare professionals, so please ensure you attend your usual Healthcare providers Scans and Check-ups. 4D scans are a supplement, not a substitute!

4.     Gender Reveal

Unlike in the early times when parents had to wait until a baby was born to know its gender, today, a 4D Baby scan will provide a clear view of your baby’s gender at a glance. This is an exciting experience for expectant parents, to say the least. Knowing the gender of your baby can be helpful in preparing for his or her arrival and making appropriate decisions on nursery decorations and baby names.

If you want more ideas on how to carry out the perfect Gender Reveal Party, feel free to read up on our Article on Gender Reveal Ideas for some inspiration!

5.     Sharing With Loved Ones

Learning that you will be welcoming a new baby into the world is exciting not only for you as parents, but for your other family members as well. They will soon become older siblings, grandparents, uncles, and aunts.

There is no better way of sharing this exciting news than through a 4D Baby scan. Moreover, it is also a perfect way of keeping loved ones who live far away involved in this special journey of the pregnancy.

6.     Give Peace of Mind

 Peace of Mind

If you experienced difficulties during your previous pregnancies or you are a nervous first-time expectant couple, the need for reassurance about your baby’s health and development cannot be overlooked. In such situations, a 4D Baby scan will provide peace of mind. Seeing the baby’s intrauterine movements and facial expressions will give you a feeling of confidence that your baby is growing and developing as expected.

7.     Cherishable Mementos

Looking to create lasting memories for your little one? Then, a 4D Baby scan will be a unique way to create such beautiful memories of your pregnancy that you will look back on and cherish for years to come. The images and videos will be a special keepsake for you to share with your child when he or she grows older. Many p

roviders will have no shortage of ‘Goodies’ and ‘Souvenirs’ to sell you, however it’s always worth preparing some of your own in advance.

We bought This Photo Frame in advance of our Loved Ones arrival, and would update the picture after each scan we had!

A Pregnant Mother, looking at her 4D Baby Scan Print.

Are You Looking Forward to Your 4D Baby Scan?

A 4D scan can be beneficial to you and your family. However, if you decide to have one, make sure it is done by a professional. A skilled healthcare professional will be able to support you and your family should there be any complications or further support required.

Remember – 4D Baby Scans are a great Supplement, and not a Substitute, to your normal Healthcare Plan!

We hope you enjoyed this read, And that you have a great time during your 4D scanning session 🙂

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