A 4D Baby Scan is great, but not essential

Is it Worth Getting a 4D Baby Scan?

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You might be at a crossroads as far as 4D Baby scans are concerned, and are trying to work out if a 4D Baby scan for your forthcoming child is cost-effective or not. It’s natural for parents to explore opportunities to form a bond with their unborn baby while they are still inside the womb. Why? the fact that it only occurs once in your Babies lifetime! However, the other part of you may wondering whether it’s worth making an investment in a 4D Baby scan, particularly when you’ll have the opportunity spend a lot more precious time with your child once he or she is born.

Whether you choose to get a 4D scan or not depends primarily on you, your health and your financial situation.

What Is a 4D Baby Scan?

Before we go any further, let’s understand what a 4D scan is. It is a type of ultrasound using advanced technology that produces a moving 3D image of the foetus in real-time. In addition, it provides a more detailed and realistic view of the baby’s features and movements compared to traditional 2D ultrasound scans. This scan allows you to see facial expressions and other body movements as they take place, which creates a memorable and exciting experience for many parents-to-be.

There used to be a belief that these may be harmful for your Baby, however there has been no Peer-Reviewed Medical research today which has suggested this, and it’s widely considered a safe practice by medical professionals. You can Read more about the Safety of 4D Baby Scans Here.

How Much Does a 4D Baby Scan Cost?

Admit it. This is the biggest question in your mind right now. So, let’s clear this up early on! 4D Scans will generally not be covered as part of your usual Pregnancy plan, and the Usual NHS Scans will be 2D only. Therefore, if you wish to supplement your Scheduled scans with a 4D scan, you will have to use the services of a Private or Commercial 4D Baby Scan Provider. The cost for a 4D Baby scan will range from between £80-£140 depending on location, with many of the providers ‘Upselling’ additional services and products when you attend for your Scan.

Be cautious of purchasing additional products whilst you are at the 4D Baby Scan centre. Many of the items (Such as Picture frames) are heavily inflated in price. We recommend buying a Beautiful Photo Frame such as this in advance, which you can use in conjunction with your scheduled Baby Scans.

What Are the Advantages of 4D Baby Scans?

Many parents believe that seeing their baby in 4D before birth creates a special and emotional bond with their child, and the experience is often meaningful and enjoyable for them. Here are some additional advantages that you may gain from booking a 4D Baby scan –

1.   Bonding With Your Baby

The most valuable element of a 4D Baby scan is that it provides a unique opportunity to see your baby in detail, including their facial expressions and movements. Just imagine that powerful feeling of being connected to your baby and bonding with them even before they are born. It’s just out of this world!

2.   Unique Keepsake

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, 4D Baby scans produce high-quality images and videos that make for a special keepsake of your pregnancy. You can cherish these memories for years to come. As explained previously, be cautious of buying the heavily inflated products sold at the centre, and instead consider Competitively Priced Alternatives instead.

3.   Improved Emotional Well-Being

If you are first-time parents, or even a couple that has gone through challenging pregnancies before, seeing your baby in 4D can help reduce anxiety and stress. It can also help you as the parents to feel more confident about the health of your baby.

4.   Earlier Detection of Potential Issues

Although 4D Baby scans are not used primarily for medical diagnosis, they can help identify potential issues early on, such as cleft palates or heart defects, which can lead to earlier treatment and better outcomes. Early detection has enabled doctors to rectify some of the defects while the baby is still in the womb. Please be mindful that some Sonographers may not be fully trained Medical professionals, and 4D scans should be used to compliment, not substitute, your usual Healthcare providers plan.

Any risks highlighted during the 4D scan session should be discussed with your GP or Midwife.

5.   Involve Family and Friends

Just imagine sharing your pregnancy news using 4D Baby scans. This can be a fun and exciting experience for loved ones, such as grandparents or siblings, who may be far away and not be able to attend other prenatal appointments. You also have the option to invite multiple guests to the session!

6.   Make the Pregnancy More Real

In the past, pregnancy was such a mystery to many. But today, parents-to-be have the privilege of seeing their baby in 4D. This makes the pregnancy feel more real and tangible which is important for first-time parents. It’s also particularly helpful for the Father, who may be less likely to feel the same connections as the Mother at this stage of the journey.

7.   Limited Time to Bond

Pregnancy is a brief period of time (Even if it doesn’t feel like it at the moment!) filled with ups and downs during which you can bond with your baby. For parents who want to make the most of that time, a 4D Baby scan can be a valuable way to connect with their baby and create lasting memories.

What Are the Disadvantages of 4D Baby Scans?

4D Baby scans can be valuable for most parents-to-be, however, there are various reasons why some Parents feel they might not be worth the expense. Let’s look at some of these reasons:

1.    4D Baby Scans can be expensive

The major reason why some parents may not go for 4D scans is the expense. The Scan itself costs between £80-£140 which for some parents, may be unaffordable.

2.   Limited Diagnostic Value

Granted that 4D Baby scans can help identify potential issues early on, they are not as accurate or reliable as other medical tests, such as amniocentesis or foetal echocardiography. That is why they are not mandatory during the usual prenatal check-up routine.

3.   Can Be Emotionally Distressing

That’s right. In some cases, 4D Baby scans can reveal unexpected health issues or abnormalities, which can cause emotional distress in parents. Learning about these abnormalities may result in pregnancy complications that endanger both the mother and the baby.

4.   Misleading Images

If your baby is slightly ‘Off track’ they may not have yet built up a great deal of Fatty tissue around their face. Your Midwife will already be actively monitoring your Babies development via their scheduled scans, and will have notified you if it’s a concern, so there is no need to worry! However, you might find that the Images are not an accurate reflection of how your Baby will look when they arrive.

5.   Baby is Camera Shy

Unfortunately, this happened to us! Sometimes, your Baby might decide they aren’t in the mood to have their picture taken, and be hiding behind their hands or umbilical cord etc. Usually the Sonographer will take a few attempts at trying to Film your Baby, but if they don’t have any success, you may find yourself leaving the Centre without any Pictures, or a refund!

A Pregnant Mother, looking at her 4D Baby Scan Print.

How can I make the most of my 4D Baby Scan?

Most centres will recommend that you drink 2-3 glasses of water around an hour before attending your 4D Baby Scan session. A full bladder can help the Sonographer get a great image of your Baby. It’s also worth bringing your Hospital notes, as they provide reference material for your Sonographer.

The best time to get a 4D Baby Scan is between 26-30 Weeks of pregnancy. This is when your Baby is most likely to be in the Prime Position, with suitable levels of fat built up in the face. If you are expecting to have a Multiple Pregnancy, then it’s recommended to attend between 22-26 Weeks.

Finally, think carefully about who attends the appointment with you. Many centres will accommodate several guests, however the scan is an incredibly intimate experience. Some choose to attend with their partner, whilst others choose to invite close family or friends. The choice is yours, but make sure you and your partner are both happy with the invite list!

There You Have It!

With all the points above, you can now make an informed decision on whether to have a 4D Baby scan or not. If you are excited about the opportunity to see your baby in 4D and can afford it, then this is a worthwhile investment for you. If you wish for further detail on 4D Baby Scans, then we have also written a Similar Article on the subject!

We wish you all the best with your Pregnancy, and are sure you will make the right decision for you and your Family!

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