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Same-Sex Parents: 10 Reasons Why They Are The Best

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Louise M

Who said a family has to be made up of a mum, a dad, and 2.5 kids? Times are changing. More and more same-sex couples are having kids and raising them together, and they’re doing a pretty good job of it!

Let’s take a moment to celebrate that—and consider how much better off those kids might be because they have two moms or dads.

Here are the top 10 reasons why same-sex parents are the best!

1.   Same-Sex Parenting Isn’t An Accident

Same-sex parenting doesn’t happen by accident—it’s a conscious choice. They want to be parents and be a part of a family unit, and that could make them even more committed to their families and the kids they raise.

Once same-sex couples have kids, they don’t take them for granted. And it’s easy to see why: most of them have gone down a long, expensive road just to be able to have a family.

That kind of loving commitment can make a huge difference in how happy your life is as an adult child of same-sex parents. Some children raised by same-sex parents report feeling less pressure from their parents. That freedom from pressure can help create happier kids who grow up into happier adults.

2.   They Teach You To Be Yourself

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Same-sex parents know what it’s like to be different—and they’re okay with it! They understand how important it is for their kids to feel comfortable in their own skin, even if that means being different from everyone else. Their kids won’t have to pretend to be someone they’re not, because their parents will accept them for exactly who they are. That’s the kind of parenting all kids need!

3.   They’re Stronger And More Resilient People

Same-sex couples have had to overcome prejudice and make their way in a world that isn’t always welcoming. This gives them resilience, strength, and fortitude—qualities that make them excellent parents.

Also, they know what it’s like to be marginalised and discriminated against because of their sexuality. This means they’ll be more likely to fight for their children’s rights so that they’ll never have to experience what their parents went through growing up.

4.   They Don’t Raise Bullies

Same-sex couples are more likely to raise empathetic children, and empathy is one of the key ingredients in not becoming a bully.

As a child, you learn empathy by observing the adults around you. When there is a lack of diversity in the adults who surround you, it can be difficult to understand that people are different and may have different struggles. Children being raised by same-sex couples are more likely to understand that everyone has their own story and experiences, and why it’s so important to be sensitive towards others.

Armed with empathy towards others, they’re more likely to be kind to others and speak up when they see an injustice happening.

They’re also more likely to tell their kids about the history of discrimination against LGBTQ people. So, when their kids see bullying happening, they’re more likely to understand how wrong it is.

5.   They Raise Open-minded Children

Children with same-sex parents are more likely to be raised in diverse environments. This early exposure can help foster greater open-mindedness in later life.

Same-sex couples tend to be more tolerant of differences and more accepting of other people’s choices. They will not force their children into one particular mould or lifestyle because they want them to grow up as individuals who can make their own choices in life.

This can create a more open environment where kids feel free to express themselves as they wish without pressure from parents or society at large.

6.   They Make Homosexuality A Positive Thing

same-sex parents laughing with child

Having same-sex parents teaches children that homosexuality is normal, which we all know is true. But, they also learn from their parents that it should be accepted by society as such.

They learn that it does not matter what others think about them. What matters is whether or not they feel happy in their own skin and confident with who they are as individuals. This can have a profound effect on how these children view themselves as adults later on in life when they become parents themselves!

7.   They Teach Proper Family Responsibilities

Children raised by same-sex couples are less likely than those raised by straight couples to conform to gender stereotypes. Which is awesome!

Children raised in same-sex households may have a better understanding of family responsibility and the importance of sharing household tasks equally.

8.   They Break Societies Norms

The research is pretty clear: same-sex couples are more likely to break societal norms. And, their children are less likely to adhere to stereotypical male-female behaviour.

In fact, a study has shown that daughters raised by same-sex couples may be more likely to seek out professional occupations outside of the feminine norm (e.g. doctors, lawyers, engineers, and astronauts). And sons raised by lesbians appear to be less aggressive and more nurturing than boys raised in heterosexual families.

These findings suggest that same-sex couples may break down gender barriers and allow their children to explore all aspects of themselves without feeling constrained by societal norms—and it’s an important part of breaking down those barriers for everyone else as well!

9.   Same-Sex Parents Are More Involved

Same-sex parents are more likely to be involved in their children’s lives. The reason being; they know what it’s like to be discriminated against.

As a result, same-sex couples could be more likely to go above and beyond when it comes to being involved in their children’s lives—and that can only be a good thing for everyone!

They’ve been there, so they know how important it is to be there for their child through thick and thin. Also, how vital it is to support them no matter what they choose to do with their lives.

10.  They Raise Confident Children

It’s not just about the fact that you have two parents who love you, though that’s a start. It’s also about the fact that same-sex couples tend to be more involved in their kids’ lives, teach their kids it’s okay to be different and make sure their kids never think they’re less than anyone else.

All of these things come together to help give their children a stronger sense of self-worth. Plus, the confidence to go out and accomplish whatever they set their minds to.

When children know they are loved no matter what, it provides security and helps them feel confident in themselves. Which is key to developing into happy adults who go out into the world and achieve great things.

We hope these reasons have convinced you that kids with same-sex parents are some of the luckiest around.

If you are a Gay Parent, and are interested in learning more, we highly recommend This Book which provides helpful guidance on being Gay parents.

Still need more proof? Check out this video that explains why children with same-sex parents could even be happier in the long run than other kids:

It’s not just our opinion—we’ve got science on our side!

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