What age should baby move from Moses basket to Cot?

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What age should baby move from Moses Basket to Cot? From the moment you bring your baby home, every little milestone feels like a big step! One of these milestones is the move from a Moses basket to a Cot. 

Though exciting, moving your child from a Moses basket to Cot can feel daunting, too. As a new parent, you’re probably afraid of making a mistake with your first child – like when choosing their first cot, or deciding when to actually shift your baby into it.

We know how that feels! First-baby panic compares to no other.

So, are you ready to learn more? Let’s dive in!

What Age Should Baby move from Moses Basket to Cot?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, including your baby’s size, age, and sleeping patterns. 

Most infants outgrow their Moses basket between the ages of three and six months, so it’s a good idea to start planning the move around that time. If your baby begins to roll over, if they appear to wake up more often throughout the night, or if they are just too big for the basket, they may be ready to transition to a cot. 

But first, be sure to check if the new cot is well-built, reliable, and meets all the necessary safety standards. For example, it shouldn’t have sharp edges or an easy-to-open latch (if any).

Once you’re satisfied with the cot’s reliability, you can start planning the shift. 

To help your baby adjust to the new sleeping environment, start by offering them shorter naps in the cot. Then, gradually increase the amount of time they spend there until you make a successful shift to overnight slumbers. 

Moreover, when it comes to moving your baby from a Moses basket to a cot, keep in mind that each baby is unique and may have their own particular needs and preferences. Some newborns may instantly acclimatize to their new sleeping environment, while others may take a little longer. 

To make your baby feel more at ease in the cot, try putting familiar bedding or clothes with their fragrance on them. You can also try laying a rolled-up towel or blanket on each side of your infant to provide a cosy, warm feel. Doing so can help emulate the comfort of a Moses basket, making your baby feel safe in their new environment.

Babies often enjoy the transition from their Moses Basket to Cot - More room to play!

Signs Your Baby is Ready to Move From a Moses Basket to a Cot

One of the most important factors in deciding whether to transition your baby from a Moses basket to a cot is their size and weight. As your baby grows, they may become too big or heavy for the Moses basket, which is typically designed for newborns and young infants. 

A general rule of thumb is to start thinking about transitioning your baby when they reach 15 pounds, or can sit up unassisted.

Even the way your baby sleeps offers valuable insight into the matter. For example, if your baby is having difficulty relaxing or sleeping in the Moses basket, it may be time to transition to a cot. Infants that are ready to transfer may be noticeably restless during sleep as they have outgrown the tiny area of their Moses basket.

Another sign it’s time to make the transfer is if you see your baby rolling over or moving around more during sleep. Moses baskets are often shallow and less safe than cots, which could be dangerous for babies who move around a lot. It’s essential to keep your infant safe and secure while they sleep! Luckily, a cot can provide the required space and structure.

On that note, we’d like to recommend the Babylo Snuggle Cuddle Co Sleeper to those parents who want their kid to sleep right next to them – at bed level, no less. Like most cots, you can use this as a freestanding cot. But, you can also pull it up to your bed, alter the height to match your bed’s level, and sleep with your baby right next to you. How cute! 

We know how scary it feels to move your firstborn away from your bed. With this product though, you don’t have to. 

However, if you’re looking for a standard freestanding cot, it’s worth considering the BABABING cot, too. This one is highly portable and travel-friendly. But, you can use it at home even if you don’t plan on travelling. Still, it’s always good to know your new cot can be moved around with ease. So if that’s what you’re looking for, check the BABABING cot out! Also, the  Graco Side-By-Side has a similar functioning style: lightweight, portable and foldable, and perfect for babies exploring their first cot! 

Developing a Smooth Sleep Routine During the Switch From a Moses Basket to a Cot

As your baby outgrows their bassinet, it’s important to create a consistent sleep regimen during the transition to a cot. 

Here, consistency is key. This means setting regular times for bedtime and naps, plus sticking to them as much as possible. But if you’ve tried creating a schedule to no avail, you might need some additional help. If so, try propping up a pair of blackout curtains, running a white noise machine, and changing to extra-gentle bedding. Some babies are extra sensitive to stimuli such as light and texture, so minimizing such sensory input can help calm them down. The result is better quality of sleep and reduced restlessness when trying to doze off. 

If none of these tools work, though, don’t lose hope! You still have the option of using a sleeping bag to cuddle your child inside. 

Why use a sleeping bag, though? Well, for starters, it can keep your baby extra-warm in the winter months! But also, it helps create a feeling of warmth and safety, especially when you hold your child near (with the sleeping bag on). 

Hint: the  Grobag Baby Sleep Bag is an awesome option. It has high-quality padding and a two-way zipper for convenient diaper changes. (Gets us excited just thinking about it!)

Understanding Your Baby’s Changing Sleep Needs As They Grow

It’s obvious your baby’s sleep habits will change as they grow and develop. Understanding these changes will help you adopt proper sleep habits for your child, hence ensuring they receive the rest they need.

Newborns need a lot of sleep in their first few weeks (often up to 18 hours a day!) However, they also frequently wake up to feed and may have trouble sleeping for long periods of time at night. As your baby grows and their digestive system gets better, they will probably start sleeping longer at night and taking fewer naps during the day.

Many infants have sleep regression between the ages of three and four months. This may be a difficult period for parents since their baby may begin waking up more often and have difficulty falling back asleep. This is typical and normally goes away after a few weeks, irrespective of if you have chosen to move your Baby from a Moses Basket to a Cot!

Around six to nine months old, babies often start to crawl, pull themselves up, and become more mobile in general. This might interfere with their sleep since they may be too enthusiastic to sleep or may wake up to practice their new talents. To help your baby settle down before bed now is a wonderful time to develop a regular bedtime routine and a relaxing sleep environment.

As your little one approaches their first birthday, they might start to nap less often, which can be a bit of a tricky transition. Don’t worry though; you’ve got this!

Acting fussy while adapting to their new routine is totally normal for babies and toddlers. Here, it’s your job to be patient with them and look for warning cues. So if you spot your baby crying or acting cranky, try scheduling some cuddling time with them before bed. This can help soothe them into sleep and remind them that they’re safe. 

Who needs a Moses Basket or a Cot?

Tips for Creating a Safe and Comfortable Sleeping Environment in the Cot

Your baby deserves a comfy sleeping place. As their parent, it’s your duty to make it happen…Sorry, we don’t make the rules! Either way, now your baby Has moved from their Moses Basket to a Cot, they will be quick to let you know if they are unhappy with the arrangement!

Creating a peaceful and cosy sleeping environment for your baby is an art that requires skill and care! After all, a happy baby equals a happy mommy (or dad!)

Check that the cot mattress is firm and snugly fitted against the cot’s sides. You don’t want your baby to get tangled in loose sheets…or face suffocation as a result of it. 

Let’s go over toy troubles, next.

We know how tempting it is to pile on the fluffy and cuddly teddy animals and blankets. But hold off until your baby is at least one year old! These fluffy softies are a suffocation threat, and we wouldn’t want anything to disrupt your baby’s mellow dreams.

When setting up the cot, it’s time to get creative! Place it away from possible risks such as windows, curtains, and wires, and securely clip any hanging toys out of reach of your baby. And, remember to never leave your child unsupervised in the cot – especially if your child is known for being extra fidgety. 

Still, we’re all human, and parents need to take a break from watching their baby every now and then. In such moments, remember to set up a digital baby monitor so you can watch your child from another room while you relax there. The Motorola Nursery Baby Monitor is an excellent option, and Motorola is a tried and tested brand name!

Strive for a pleasant room temperature of 18°C to 20°C (65°F to 68°F) and monitor the temperature using a  suitable thermometer. Block out light and noise using blackout curtains or shades to create a calming environment for your baby to sleep in.

The Gro Company Gro-Egg Room Thermometer can help with this. This clever little gadget shows the room temperature in a clear and easy-to-read format, allowing you to ensure that the room’s temperature is appropriate for your baby. Also, its gentle glow can help your baby sleep better, allowing you some alone-time to relax while they snooze – every parent’s dream! 

Choosing a Suitable Cot For Your Baby’s Age and Development

What do babies and cots have in common?

When one grows, the other must grow, too! Nobody wants to be forced to sleep inside a tiny bed – be it you, or your little one. Sleeping in a tiny space can make one feel suffocated – every claustrophobe’s nightmare situation. Yikes! Moving your Baby to a Moses Basket to a Cot will be a seamless transition when done at the right time. It will allow your Baby a sufficient level of extra space to explore, whilst still allowing them to feel both Safe and Cosy.

Hence, choosing the right bed or cot size is crucial. Here’s how you can do it:

    • Look for a firm, levelled mattress. However, ensure it isn’t too firm (or it’ll feel uncomfortable, and your baby might get cranky), nor too soft (as that’s awful for spinal column alignment.) Babies need a flat, gentle mattress that won’t interfere with the way their little bones develop. It’s why many parents pop a donut-pillow under their newborn’s skull. Remember, baby bones are extra-soft! So, choose the mattress with care. 
  • Scout a cot with high enough walls so your baby doesn’t roll off. If you plan on using this cot till they’re old enough to walk (yet somehow fit within the cot, still), look for really high walls! Also ensure the cot lock isn’t too easy to open – you don’t want a curious toddler breaking their cot door down. 

Remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune to find a secure and comfy cot; there are lots of alternatives to meet a variety of budgets!

The Babymore Eva Sleigh Cot Bed is a great option for parents searching for a durable cot that can be transformed into a toddler bed. It has a sturdy and durable design, a firm and flat mattress, and adjustable heights to meet your baby’s developmental and growth needs. It also meets safety standards and has features that keep it from falling, or pinching your child by accident. You can rest easy knowing your baby is resting peacefully and securely in this bed.

The Babymore eva Sleigh Cot is a perfect transition from your Babies Moses Basket!

Common Challenges During the Transition and How to Overcome Them

Moving your baby from a bassinet to a cot can be a real adventure…and you might run into some bumps along the road. But don’t stress! Billions of parents have successfully completed this journey, and you will, too!

Let’s start by addressing the most common issue: your baby might just outgrow their little cot sooner than expected. As a result, they might experience distress due to limited movement options. Counter this by investing in a bigger sleeping environment, such as a toddler bed (or perhaps a cosy teepee!)

The Maddox Nursery Baby Cot Bed is an epic, unisex option for babies and toddlers. You can use it as a high walled (And adjustable) Cot, and then convert it as your Baby begins to grow!

On another note, your baby might feel separation anxiety during the transition. It’s like leaving your favourite sweets at the shop – super difficult! But don’t worry; you can calm their fears and anxiousness by giving them plenty of cuddles and reassuring words. You can also help them feel more at ease in their new resting environment by providing them with a particular toy or blanket to cuddle with. This fleece fur blanket from E&A Distribution is an excellent (and adorable-looking) option!

Final Thoughts

As your little one grows and outgrows their Moses basket, you must begin creating a comfortable sleeping environment in their new cot. Make the transition as easy as possible by choosing a cot that is right for your baby’s age and development, setting up a regular sleep schedule, and paying attention to how their sleep needs change.

So, whether you opt for a classic white cot or a colourful and playful design, make sure it meets all safety standards and provides the support your baby needs for healthy sleep!

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