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What Do You Take to a Gender Reveal Party?

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Are you feeling that uncontainable excitement and expectation just from discovering that you will soon have a new-born? First of all, Congratulations! There are plenty of ways to share your news – You can shout it from the Rooftops, Spam it on Social Media, and saturate the Office with talks of you and your Baby Bump.

You can also start planning for events such as Gender Reveal Parties to share your Pregnancy milestones with your Friends loved ones.

Gender reveal parties have grown in popularity in recent years, with more and more expectant parents embracing them. Some might even suggest they are now becoming a rite of passage! If you are part of the Gender Reveal hype, you may have questions such as: What is a gender reveal party? What is its purpose? What are the best gifts during a gender reveal party? What is the difference between a gender reveal party and a baby shower?

But hang on…What do you take to a Gender Reveal Party? Particulalry if you are a Guest? Read on – We have it covered 🙂

What Is a Gender Reveal Party?

As we stated before, a Gender Reveal party is a celebration where the expectant parents announce the sex or Gender of their unborn child to family and friends. The main idea of this party is to reveal the gender of the baby in a creative and fun way, often with a surprise element. Alternatively, sometimes it will be the parents being surprised! It’s now becoming common for a ‘Middleman’ to be entrusted with the results of the Baby Scan. and then share it with the entire Congregation – Parents included!

These are light-hearted affairs, and generally met with nothing but Positivity. However, it is important to be aware that some Individuals may Politicise the situation, with various Social movements suggesting they can perpetuate Harmful stereotypes, or ‘Push’ a Gender/Sex on to a Child.

Who Hosts a Gender Reveal Party?

Usually, the expecting parents host the gender reveal party. Nevertheless, a close family member or friend may have the honour to do so. As the hosts, the parents-to-be organize the event and invite their guests, who are mostly close family members and inner circle friends. Some of the preparations that the hosts of a gender reveal party organize and supervise may include:
– Acquisition of a venue
– Decoration of the venue and the furniture to be used
– Acquisition of furniture, tents, and any other necessary items
– Purchase of items to be used for the gender reveal itself

It's easier to Hide Pregnancy Bump with Florals and Dark Colours

Where Is A Gender Reveal Party Hosted?

Well, this depends on the parents-to-be preferences or the host’s choice if somebody else is hosting the party. However, there are various places that are mostly preferred due to their convenience or depending on the activities that are scheduled to take place during the event.

At Home

Home is always a comfortable and intimate place where cherished memories are made with family and friends. It’s also an incredibly cost effective location, with easy access to a toilet! Trust us, that alone is worth it’s weight in Gold.

Outdoor Venues

Hosts of a gender reveal party may choose an outdoor venue for their party depending on the Weather and the fun activities to be carried out. Imagine enjoying the comforting warmth of the sun and the cool breeze while having fun with family and friends in a park, garden, or on a beach! As with the ‘Home’ Option, this is an incredibly Cost Effective Solution. However, you may find it challenging to gain the same levels of Intimacy and Privacy.

Event Venues

Other times, an event venue like a community centre or banquet hall can be used for the gender reveal party. Venues like this are ideal if you are looking for ample space and convenience for your guests. This is great for larger Social groups and Families, but comes with added cost. If your Budget is tight, then it may be worthwhile asking Guests to bring Food and Drinks to share around. You can also get some incredibly low-cost Disposable Tableware Sets which fit your theme!


Eating out with loved ones is always full of fun. A restaurant is a great choice for the gender reveal party, especially if the expectant parents want to share a delicious meal with their family and friends as a commemoration of the event. In the UK? Book a Carvery!

A pregnant Mother who is looking for a Fun baby Naming Idea

Which Activities Should You Expect at a Gender Reveal Party?

Gender reveal parties are fun-filled family events that are full of exciting activities. Of course, some of us can get carried away, and there have been many reports of Gender Reveal Parties involving elaborate Firework Displays, Sky-diving or even Flash Mobs! Depending on the expectant parents or the hosts, you would usually expect to see and participate in activities such as:


During gender reveal parties, you can expect fun games and activities. For instance, you could play “Guess the Gender,” where guests participate by writing down their guesses for the baby’s gender, or “Baby Name Game,” where guests suggest baby names.

The Gender Reveal

The most anxiously anticipated moment at a Gender Reveal party, is the revealing of the baby’s gender! A variety of methods, such as cutting a cake or popping a balloon filled with powder or confetti with the colour that suits the baby’s gender, can be used to achieve this. Opening a package of vibrantly inflated balloons that soar into the air is an additional, or even preferable, option. If you are doing the event outside, you will love these Confetti Cannons – As the contents are completely biodegradable! They are also free of Pyrotechnics – so no fire hazards to worry about!

Photo Booth

For a very long time, taking photos has been the best way to capture those priceless moments that we want to cherish forever. Setting up a photo booth and providing props like hats, glasses, and signs for your guests to use in their photos will definitely add to the fun.

Food and Drink

We all agree that food is at the centre of every party – Right? RIGHT?!??! Hmm, maybe just me. To give your guests more moments to reminisce on many days after the party is over, go for a buffet-style meal or snacks. Also ensure that the drinks range from mocktails to soda and juice so as to accommodate the preferences of all your guests, or at least most of them. Alcohol is great in moderation, but it’s probable many of the attendees will be Driving home.

Jenna Karvunidis, creator of gender reveal parties, had a cake reveal with pink frosting.

Gifts You Should Give the Expectant Mom During a Gender Reveal Party

We all love giving gifts, and a gender reveal party is no exception! But the main challenge sometimes is that we don’t always know what to buy! Here are some thoughtful suggestions for gifts for the expectant mom.

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are expensive. So, cute and comfortable gender-neutral clothes will be really appreciated, as they will also lift some costs from her budget, and free up some of the financial pressure. Our Top tip is to think about clothes in the 6+ Months category. Every parent will get swarmed with gifts for Newborns, and may only get a chance to use them once or twice before Baby has outgrown it. By going for a slightly older age, not only will it see more use, but it ‘Helps out’ the parents for a little bit longer 🙂

Diapers and Wipes

You can choose to purchase Nappies and wipes, which are necessary items for new parents-to-be. Apart from being practical gifts, you will also lift some pressure from their budget. If the Parents are Eco-Conscious, then you may want to explore buying them a Reusable Nappy. It will save them a fortune in the long-run AND Save the Environment!


Just imagine how a book on, say, “How to Bath Your Newborn Baby” would be highly appreciated by a new mom. Having this kind of information at hand is very essential for any soon-to-be parent. Books on self-care for the new mom will also be appreciated. We recommend First-Time Parent as it paints a refreshingly realistic view of what Year 1 actually looks like!

Maternity Clothes for the Expectant Mom

Are you aware of her fashion taste? Consider buying her some fashionable maternity dresses. Bearing in mind that her clothes may no longer be fitting, this will be a very thoughtful gesture, to say the least. Feel free to read this article for inspiration!

Gender Reveal Parties are Great Fun!

Gifts for the Dad-to-Be

Dads are always forgotten when it comes to gifts and babies. Always. A little gift can go a long way, and here are a few simple ideas to consider:

Dad-Themed Books

Most of the time, dads may feel out of place or are unable to clearly see their role in the lives of their new-born’s especially during their early stages of life. Books that focus on fatherhood, parenting, or the journey of becoming a dad can be a great gift for expectant dads. We have personally read and recommend The Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide. It’s Funny, Practical and Comprehensive!

Personalised Dad Gear

Consider buying t-shirts, hats, or mugs that say “Dad” or “Father-to-be.” They can be a fun gift for the expectant dad to wear or use.

Snacks and Treats

Consumables always make a good gift because we all love food. Older siblings will appreciate some special snacks or treats that are just for them. You could opt for a sweet treats like cookies or candy or choose something savoury like chips or popcorn. It could be worth combining some personalise Dad Gear to make a truly Special Gift! Why not go for a Personalised Beer Mug, and pair it with a Set of Craft Beers? It may be the last time he gets to drink for a while!

What Is the Difference Between a Gender Reveal Party and a Baby Shower?

With all the information above, you can already spot some differences between a gender reveal party and a baby shower. But if not, let’s point out some of them.


Did you know that a gender reveal party is usually held earlier in the pregnancy? That’s right. And its main aim is to reveal the gender of the baby to family and friends. A baby shower, on the other hand, is held later in the pregnancy and focuses on “Showering” the expectant mother with gifts for the baby.


During a gender reveal party, gifts are not expected per se. However, guests might bring small gifts or treats for the expectant parents and siblings. On the contrary, at a baby shower, the main goal is to present gifts to the expectant mom and baby.


A gender reveal announcement, culminated with an activity such as cutting a cake, or opening a box to show pink or blue decorations, takes place at a gender reveal party. Inversely, baby showers are full of games and activities that focus on baby-related themes, such as guessing the baby’s weight or playing baby shower bingo.

To sum it up, both events are related to the upcoming arrival of a new baby. A gender reveal party is focused on revealing the gender of the baby, while a baby shower is focused on giving gifts to the expectant mother and baby.

The Wrap-Up

Gender Reveal Parties are Fun, Family Friendly events. They can be whatever you need them to be, and a Gift is not necessary by any means! However, if you do decide to bring a gift, aim for something Practical, and affordable. And if you get it wrong, you can always make it up to them at the Baby Shower in a few months time!

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