What is Pregnancy Spider Tape?

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Pregnancy Spider Tape – Could it Help You? 

You must have heard of the pregnancy spider tape if you are following social media. The trend of colourful tapes pasted on the belly looks pretty and pleasing. This tape, with some decoration of the belly, can help relieve a pregnant mother of some aches and pains. There are many brands that create adhesive spider tape that can be applied not only to the belly but also to the other parts of the body. Kinesiology defines spider tape as an adhesive fabric that helps alleviate pelvic and round ligament pain when directly applied to the belly. Many pregnant people have stated that this tape can help them reduce the pressure that is created by the extra weight.

Learn more about the pregnancy spider tape to help you decide whether you should use it!

Where Does Spider Tape Come From?

Kinesiology is an anatomical science that focuses on treating connective tissues, joints, and the science of skeletal movement. It is the foundation of the spider tape. This tape was created to heal the body and balance the body’s energy without the need of medication or major surgery. Our body comprises of millions of tissues all interacting with the muscles. Our body functions similarly to a computer, with the brain sending information to various body parts through the use of tissues, just as a computer does with the help of a central processing unit that transmits data (bits) to other components.

What is it Made Of?

Spider tape is made up of a cotton-mesh fabric which is stretchy, waterproof, and breathable and designed is made to act similarly to skin. The tape’s glue has a fingerprint-like wave pattern on it. The tape allows the skin to breathe and moisture to evaporate while the glue reacts to body heat. It is designed to provide enough pressure to support the strength of the muscles and tissues. This tape consists of all the medically approved elements, and the adhesive used in it is water and sweat-proof that keeps it stuck to the body. The spider tape comes in hypoallergenic varieties for people that are allergic to certain elements used in the tape. It comes in various colours so you can choose your favorite colour to relieve the pain.

How Does Spider Tape Work?

Spider tape uses supportive adhesive strips which when placed on the body supports the muscles and joints and helps to relieve pain throughout the body. It’s use is based on the principle of supporting specific body parts while allowing blood and other bodily fluids to flow freely past and through injured muscles. By lightly sticking to the skin and exerting pressure on the tissues, the tape stabilizes the painful or injured area. This not only helps the blood flow better but it supports the muscles providing comfort. At the same time, the internal injury or pain heals, and helps to stop any further injury or pain while allowing the muscle to continue moving.

In basic terms, this tape enables the tissues to encircle the painful area and moves with the body. Without using any medications, it calms the inflammation by gently allowing the blood to flow freely. The tape begins to provide positive results and comfort within 24 hours of applying the tape, and it can stay in a place for three to four days even while showering or exercising.

Common Conditions that can be Helped with Pregnancy Spider Tape

 Spider tape is an effective pain relief option that can be used during pregnancy. There are many conditions in which this tape can help such as musculoskeletal pain which is common in pregnancy. It is the kind of pain that affects the bones, ligaments, and even nerves. Pregnant women may experience lower back pain, pelvic pain, and joint and hip pain. This type of pain is often achy, radiating, and sharp. By using a few strips of spider tape; you can alleviate some discomfort within having to use medications which may harm your baby.

We do advise you speak with your doctor or midwife about any pain you are experiencing as this can rule out other causes of pain in pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia.

Pregnancy spider tape

Benefits of Pregnancy Spider Tape

  1. It is the best substitute for belts, braces, and other bands. It allows pregnant mothers to move as easily and freely as possible without worrying about pain.
  2. It will help reduce the inflammation in the pelvic and lower back area. Moreover, it will distribute the baby’s weight evenly and help to reduce muscle fatigue, making your days more comfortable. The baby is comfortable as long as the mother is comfortable.
  3. This tape does not have any risks associated with it. Moreover, the pregnancy spider tape is easier and more comfortable in relieving pain than the traditional pregnancy belt method.
  4. The tape helps in preventing future injuries and mothers can also shower and sleep with it on. As the tape is make of elastic material it does not restrict the mothers movement.
  5. The tape enhances the circulation of oxygen, blood, and fluids in the body, removing congestion. The circulation helps flush out any blockage and chemical build-up inside the body.
  6. Spider tape can help to improve posture but this depends on where it has been applied. It can support weak muscles helping them to function efficiently, reduce pain and protect against cramping, extension, or contraction.
  7. Spider tape supports unstable joints by delivering slight pressure to the sleeping muscles and support them. This helps in improving the performance of the muscles. The other materials that are used to support the muscle make the body dependent on them, while the tape helps in training the body to become independent and more efficient.
  8. In simple words, it enables the own healing process of the body and makes it less dependent on external materials or medications.

How to Use  Spider Tape in Pregnancy?

Initially, pregnancy spider tape is not everyone’s cup of tea as it is hard to apply. You can consult your doctor who can help you apply it for the first time. There are many techniques in which spider tape can be used. In some techniques, you have to cut two strips and in some techniques, you should only cut one.

Your skin should be dry and clean before you apply the spider tape as it will help the tape last longer. When it is time to remove the tape, it can be painful and if you have hair on your belly then you are probably going to scream. So instead of taking it off straight away, you can use baby oil to gently loosen the adhesive which will help to remove the tape easily without causing any pain.

Another precaution is that if you have sensitive skin, use a small patch of spider tape on your skin to ensure that it is not causing any adverse reactions to the skin. If it does cause an adverse reaction then please consult your doctor.

In order for you to better understand the application and removal of pregnancy step I have provided a step-by-step procedure below.

Steps to Apply Pregnancy Spider Tape

  1. First of all, you need to relax and tear all the perforations.
  2. If the ends of each strip don’t already have rounded corners, cut them. The tape stays on longer thanks as the rounded corners reduce the  likelihood of getting tangled in clothing.
  3. Then you have to remove tab 1 and place it on the centre of your belly.
  4. Remove tab number 2, and apply on any side of the belly where you feel pain and apply without stretching the skin.
  5. Remember, do not touch the adhesive area of the pregnancy spider tape, as it will lower its adhesive time.
  6. Remove any further tabs one by one apply the tape to the belly following its natural path. Do not cross or overlap the tabs.
  7. Rub the tape gently and firmly to activate its adhesive.
  8. All done; now you just have to sit down and relax.

Steps to Remove Pregnancy Spider Tape

  1. Soak the tape in baby oil for 5 to 10 minutes to help loosen the adhesive which will help to make the removal easier.
  2. Pull your skin tight this will help create tension.
  3. Now you can roll the tape gently in the opposite direction.
  4. Do not reapply tape to skin that is irritated or damaged. Consider talking with your doctor or physical therapist.

In this way, you can easily remove the tape without feeling any sort of pain.

Different Ways to Apply Pregnancy Spider Tape

 As I have mentioned above, there are many techniques in which pregnancy spider tape can be applied on the body. They all follow the same application procedure but they differ in how they are placed on the belly. This section will discuss different techniques for applying pregnancy spider tape.

Belly Belt

This technique can be used if you have a dull pain due to the pressure on your pelvic floor. First apply one strip of tape on the middle of your lower belly. Then pull both ends of the tape upward to attach the ends securely and lift your belly in the upward direction. If you find it difficult with one strip, you can use more than one. The belly belt can also be used in an X pattern with the two strips. This will help in reducing lower back discomfort or joint pain. It pushes the two parts of the muscle together and relieves the belly.

Diaphragm Support

This technique provides relief if you are facing shortness of breath particularly in your second or third trimester. This is because the baby is getting bigger, which causes the internal organs to squeeze, including the lungs and diaphragm. This technique involves placing a single strip round at the top of the belly. Placing this strip on the top of the belly and pushing it downward can help the mothers create more room to breath.

Front Sling

Pregnant mothers sometimes feel that their abdomen may split into two parts. This technique provides great support at the front. It consists of two strips that are attached firmly at the bottom and the ends of each strip are pulled upward, and end below the breasts. This will highly help in relieving pain.

Maximum Support

If you are facing a lot of belly pain in addition to lower back pain then you can apply strips to both the belly and the lower back. In this technique, you will need four strips. Apply the first strip by starting at your hip and move towards your belly button in a diagonal direction. The second strip will be used to do the same procedure on the opposite side. The next two strips will be applied on each side of the bottom of the navel. This will create an X and two “I” on each side of your navel.

Lower Back and Belly Support

This technique is used if you face pain in the lower back and belly. This technique also requires you to use two strips. One will attach to the side of your lower back and will stretch firmly to the other side. The second strip will be stretched only at the middle by pulling both ends and the middle part of the tape will be attached to the lower abdomen. You will have to pull each side upwards as if you are lifting up your belly. This will help to relieve the discomfort quickly.

Different Types of Spider Tape

There are various companies that provide pregnancy spider tapes of high quality that can be used to support your belly and relieve pain. Some of the best products are listed below:

The RockTape Kinesiology Tape provides a tighter weave which helps to reduce the inflammation of the muscle. It is made up of hypoallergenic and adhesive material that does not allow the tape to fall off during movement or exercise. They have a variety of designs and colors from which mothers can choose. Most probably, mothers will choose their favorite colors. It is made up of 97% cotton and about 3% Nylon. It can absorb moisture and sweat.

The KT Tape Pro is 100% synthetically engineered and maintains elasticity for about 7 days. The tape does not absorb the moisture instead, it wicks it. It does not cause any adverse reactions on the skin and works extremely well. It can also be used during exercise and heals much faster.

The ATETO Kinesiology Tape comes in various colors and it is cheaper than KT and Rocktape. ATETO Kinesiology Tape is made up of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It is easy to apply, and is water-resistant. It provides high-quality elasticity, which helps your body to move freely without feeling restricted.

Final Thoughts

 If you are pregnant and feeling discomfort or pain because of your belly, you can use pregnancy spider tape. It is easy to use, can be worn for multiple days, and is made of comfortable material. This tape is the perfect alternative to belly belts and braces that can be worn for a certain time during the day. The tape is only felt when applied. After applying, it does not even feel like something has been applied to the skin, but it heals the body efficiently, and results are felt within 24 hours. This tape will lift your belly and make you even more comfortable. There are various techniques that are followed to relieve belly pain.

The choice of technique depends upon the kind of pain you are facing. Before going for a specific technique, you should read the descriptions to learn which technique suits your needs best. At the beginning of the pregnancy, you will only need simple techniques requiring lower pieces of tape. As the pregnancy progresses, however, and the belly gets bigger, you will require more strips of tape. Here a combination of various techniques will help you out. All in all, it is up to you to decide what suits you the best; you can even experiment by applying various techniques to understand what fits best for you! We wish you the best of luck in finding an option that best suits you.

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