baby is the size of a fig during week eleven of pregnancy

What to Expect During Week Eleven of Pregnancy

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With the first trimester winding down, we bet that pregnancy has been wild and turbulent. Now 11 weeks pregnant, you’re close to the second trimester; what’s next? Before we go on, was our week 10 article what you expected?

Viewed as a honeymoon phase, the arrival of the second trimester ends some bothersome symptoms. Many women enjoy or at least find the next phase of pregnancy less unpleasant.

At week eleven, the baby’s organs are at the advanced stages of growth, some are functioning, and most are in their final destination.

Although so many developments have occurred within weeks, more are in store! Your body’s changing to accommodate your growing bump and might feel strange.

Please stick with us for more week-by-week updates as you approach your due date. We’ll answer all your questions about your baby’s progress, pregnancy symptoms, and how to make pregnancy better.

At a Glance: Week Eleven of Pregnancy

  • Between 4 centimetres to 5 centimetres long, your baby’s the size of a fig.
  • You’ve (nearly) made it through a turbulent first trimester. Set your sights on the second!
  • Your fast-expanding uterus might burst from the pelvis soon, creating a small bump.
  • Although easing, concentrated levels of pregnancy hormones might still make you sick.
  • You’ll still have grotty symptoms, but they might not seem as out of control or unpredictable.
  • Some positive body changes may occur, which include hints of a bump (depending on your body type) and lustrous, thicker hair.
  • How to make this week better? Plan a babymoon and a baby reveal to lift your spirits.

Week Eleven of Pregnancy Overview

Big news! The placenta, the unique pregnancy organ your body has been growing all trimester (along with your baby), soon starts working.

It replaces the yolk sac that has offered nutrients, expelled waste and assumed other vital functions for your fetus until now. 

When the placenta adopts its new role, many first-trimester symptoms should disappear from your life, at least for the time being.

And here’s why – one of the primary responsibilities of the placenta is hormone production, previously performed by a temporary structure in the ovaries called the corpus lutem. Responsible for increasing the levels of HCG, oestrogen and progesterone, the corpus lutem assists in maintaining your pregnancy but also causes pregnancy symptoms. 

As the first trimester advances, these symptoms turn from bad to worse but will stabilise once the placenta inherits this function. 

Being eleven weeks pregnant might also mean you might have sprouted a sweet little bump to admire. But if you don’t see anything, don’t worry – there’s no exact timeline for when your belly starts swelling. 

Baby Size and Latest Developments for Week Eleven of Pregnancy

Fetus; baby in womb

Developing at an uninterrupted rate, your baby’s nearly a full five centimetres! It’s hard to believe how big they’ve grown over a short existence. Now the size of a fig, they’ve still got months to go before they’re ready for the world.

Here’s everything coming up this week. 

  • No longer ornamental, your baby’s nose is forming nasal passages that support the development of their sense of smell.  
  • Roughly one-third the size of its body, your baby’s head is exceptionally larger than the rest of the torso.
  • The left and right hemispheres of the brain are forming, with the left responsible for math and logic tasks and the right for creativity and arts. Will your baby become more left-brained or right-brained when they’re older? Scroll to our “fast facts” section to learn more. 
  • The placenta’s blood vessels are multiplying in anticipation of the organ’s impending arrival.
  • Once the placenta appears, the soon-to-be-redundant yolk sac shrinks and eventually disappears.
  •  Remember we discussed the intestine growing outside the body? As your baby continues to grow, the intestines will migrate inside the body when there’s ample space. 
  • There are no changes to their eyes, which remain firmly shut until well into the second trimester.
  • Strangely, their eyes are growing at the sides of the head but will move closer together and to the front of the face in due course.
  • Your baby’s ears, which have been slowly developing for a few weeks, move closer to the sides of the face. 
  • Baby’s moving their little limbs, hands and feet.

Because every pregnancy is unique, the above description generalises early embryonic development. Variations in the timing of milestones can occur.

Body Changes for Week Eleven of Pregnancy

Mothers-to-be, are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? With the arrival of the placenta and trimester one finishing, you may experience some symptom relief soon.
And while the placenta could reduce your symptoms, all pregnancies are unique and transformative changes can’t be guaranteed.

Although you might feel better, it’s unlikely your symptoms will disappear entirely, instead continuing to a lesser degree. As previously mentioned, some experiences persist or resurface later.

You might also see the beginnings of a bump – making pregnancy seem real and not just an endless stream of symptoms and changes to your body, hair, nails and skin.

It’s important to note that all pregnancies are unique.  The timing and experiences of pregnancy symptoms may vary. 

1. Hello, Bump.

Pregnancy bump

Is it a bump or just belly bloat? It could be either or a combination of both.

Abdominal muscles stretch with pregnancy, so if this isn’t your first child, you might start showing around this time.

If you have a more petite frame, you might also have a noticeable bump because your abdomen has less space to conceal the uterus.

Remember that women’s bodies vary, with what looks ‘normal’ encompassing a wide range.

2.  A Lustrous Mane And Thick Fingernails

Hair in pregnancy

During pregnancy, some women experience radical hair changes. One potential downside is hair becoming more oily or dry, requiring additional effort to control and maintain.

Furthermore, an overproduction of the hormones responsible for hair growth might lead to hair in unwanted areas, including the face, arms, chest and belly.

If you’re obsessed with long, thick nails, you’ll love your strong and fast-growing pregnancy nails. Unfortunately, some women experience the opposite and struggle with breaking nails instead.

3. The Tell-Tale Pregnancy Glow

Are you getting compliments for your skin? The pregnancy glow might leave your face dewy and radiant- an effect you can’t seem to achieve with your dedicated seven-step skin routine.

A combination of hormones, oil secretions and increased blood volume is the cause of your skin changes during pregnancy.

The price of pregnancy glow is greasy skin and acne breakouts akin to high school days. If you have problematic skin or are prone to pimple flare-ups, you might want to consult with a professional.

4.  Muscle Soreness

Expect stomach aches and pains as your belly ligaments buckle under the weight and pressure of the burgeoning bump. If you’re struggling with aches and pains, take a look at spider tape for a medication-free way to manage pain.

5.  Bloating & Intestinal Distress

Does your stomach feel full and inflated – like you’re harbouring a baby much bigger than 50 millimetres? Bloating is a common pregnancy symptom. It’s caused by progesterone slowing digestion. This slowdown allows more nutrients from food to be absorbed by the bloodstream and carried to your unborn child. But it can feel uncomfortable.

6. Hunger

Another positive pregnancy symptom you might experience is hunger. Remember that forgotten-about physiological sensation morning sickness replaced?

And while it’s a relief to have an appetite, you’ll learn that your relationship with food becomes complicated during pregnancy. Even though you might want to take advantage of having the desire to eat – moderate your food intake and continue to eat healthily.

7. Nausea, Food Aversions And Cravings

As we’ve mentioned, pregnancy involves a love-hate relationship with food. Despite your appetite returning, you might still experience nausea bouts and food aversions. Hang in there!

8. Fatigue

Do you still feel like crawling into your bed and hibernating for the rest of your pregnancy? While symptoms, like morning sickness, might be settling down, you’re probably not fully revitalised and energised.

Experiencing body changes and symptoms not mentioned? We covered the most common symptoms in our article Is It Normal For Pregnancy Symptoms to Come and Go? We also discussed a few surprising signs in our week eight article – take a look back to see if these pregnancy symptoms seem familar. 

Disclaimer: we’re not professionals. If you experience troubling signs – contact your doctor immediately – trimester one is a critical and risky time of your pregnancy!

Week Eleven of Pregnancy Tips And Tricks

Some pregnancy symptoms are settling or remain dormant for now. Wondering what you should do to stay keep happy and healthy while eleven weeks pregnant and counting? We’ve got some ideas.

1. Keep Good Hygiene And Vaccinate

In addition to pregnancy symptoms, are you catching more bugs and head colds than a toddler at daycare? Parts of your immune system are altered at the moment to ensure your body doesn’t identify and reject your growing bean as foreign matter, so you’re more vulnerable to getting ill.

Our advice is to wash your hands regularly, have sanitiser on you (the world is full of germs), and keep up-to-date with your flu shots – influenza vaccines are safe for pregnancy.

2. See The Dentist

Dentistry in pregnancy

An overwhelming majority suffer from gingivitis at some point in their pregnancies, a reversible but progressive oral health condition. See your dentist at least once during pregnancy so these and other dental problems don’t get worse.

As you focus on your oral health, you might consider cosmetic treatments, like teeth whitening. But are these safe treatments to undergo while pregnant? Unfortunately, many doctors advise against aesthetic procedures because they carry some risks, even if they’re minimal. You can always brighten your smile post-partum!

3. Plan A Babymoon
Babymoon; partner in pregnancy

If you’re still affronted by daily symptoms, going away with your partner might seem unthinkable. But planning a holiday or babymoon might be the welcoming distraction you need.

You won’t have much time for retreats when the baby comes, so take advantage of the time and energy that you’ll soon have. Aptly named the ‘honeymoon phase’, the second trimester is the ideal time for a so-called babymoon.

4. Plan Your Reveal

Plan a baby reveal during week eleven of pregnancy

While exciting, the high risk of miscarriage during the first trimester might make you hesitant about breaking your pregnancy news too early.

As the first trimester winds down, consider telling your friends and family that you’re expecting. You’ll find some creative ideas for baby reveals online. Some people also plan gender reveals once the gender is determined – should you have one? Learn all about them.

5. Double Down On Your Skincare

take care of your skin during week eleven of pregnancy

If pregnancy glow has wreaked havoc on your skin, it could be time to prioritise skincare. Cleanse, moisturise and don’t forget to apply sunblock.

But first, check with your doctor before introducing new products to your routine. Some, like retinol, can adversely affect your unborn fetus.

While it might be too soon for stretch marks, there’s no harm in being proactive. Lather your skin with a good lotion and potentially reap the benefits! You might still experience stretch marks – which is a-okay; they’re pregnancy badges to wear proudly!

6. Eat Healthily, Take Your Vitamins and Drink Water

No longer experiencing nausea? If you feel well enough, consider diversifying your diet. Substitute plain carbs and bland food for a wider variety of meals, including daily servings of fruit, vegetables, protein and all the other recommended food groups.

We’ve explained why you need to take prenatal vitamins in article one, and they’re still important now, especially if your diet doesn’t contain enough important nutrients and minerals.

Do I Need an Ultrasound During Week Eleven of Pregnancy?

Weeks eight to fourteen are popular times for an ultrasound. This first appointment is important because it confirms the pregnancy and assesses the health of the fetus. These scans also detect ectopic pregnancies, other medical issues, and multiples.

If you’ve had your first ultrasound, how long will you have to wait for the next?  Called the anatomy scan,  the second-trimester ultrasounds, typically performed between weeks 18 to 22,  provide a detailed overview of your baby’s anatomy and development.  In this one, gender may also be determined while potential health problems might be identified. You might have regular scans during the third and final trimester for special circumstances.

You might also have a screening that tests for chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome, Trisomy 18 or Edward’s Syndrome or Trisomy 17 booked.

Fast Facts For Pregnancy Week Eleven

  • Do you know about the left brain vs right brain theory, positing that everyone has a more dominant side or hemisphere of the brain? In other words, if your baby is left-brained, they’ll grow up to become logical and methodical or creative, artistic and intuitive if right-brained. Although it’s an interesting and popular take, there is no evidence proving that one side is favoured over the other. While it’s true that the different hemispheres have specialities, many functions rely on outputs from both sides of the brain. 

Week Eleven of Pregnancy Checklist

  • Scout for a babymoon location and have events to look forward to.
  • Consider when and how you’ll reveal your big pregnancy news!
  • Struggling with bleeding gums and or overdue for a dental checkup? Make an appointment.
  • Start the countdown – it’s nearly the end of the first trimester!
  • Book a genetic screening if you and your doctor think you’re at risk.
  • Don’t go anywhere! Week 12 is in the works for your reading pleasure!














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