What To Expect During Week Seven Of Pregnancy

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Seven weeks of pregnancy means you’re over halfway through the first trimester (thank goodness). Are you caught up on our week 6 article?

Your petite bundle of joy has grown about 10 000 times since conception and shows no sign of stopping.

Few people know about your pregnancy unless you decide to tell them, but your body’s letting you know it’s changing.

By now, your little one has a primitive heart that’s still developing, a growing brain, web-like feet, and hints of a sweet little face.

Though so much has happened already, you’ll face many pregnancy highs and lows as your body accommodates your ever-changing embryo. 

Stick with us for week-by-week updates. We’ll answer all your questions about baby size, progress, what’s happening to your body and more. 

Here’s what to expect this week.

At a Glance: Week Seven of Pregnancy

  • Your baby’s growing, but you might not be showing it yet.
  • Others might not know you’re pregnant, but the onslaught of symptoms is a constant reminder.
  • Your baby’s heart is beating and rapidly forming – it’s no longer a simple tubular structure but evolving into something more complex.
  • Baby’s head is oversized compared to the rest of its body to house its massive, growing brain.
  • Facial features are emerging quickly! There’s a discernible chin and jaw, and the eyes are growing all the crucial parts for vision.
  • Those little buds with the hands and feet attached are elongating. The baby is looking more human and less like a tadpole.
  • Things to consider this week: wearing looser fitting clothes, telling loved ones, and enhancing your skincare routine.

Week Seven of Pregnancy Overview

We’d like to extend our congratulations – you’ve been successfully nurturing a baby for four weeks! However, the real challenges lie ahead, so brace yourself for some significant hurdles on the horizon.

New, confronting pregnancy symptoms are coming daily, and the best advice we can give impart to endure and take care of yourself. Read on for details on how to cope with some of the upcoming experiences.

Now the size of a small piece of fruit, the embryo’s come a long way since its early days as a blastocyst. Unbelievably, it has developed approximately 10,000 times since conception. Though this is impressive, there’s still a heap more growing to do.

While many body parts, including the digestive and pulmonary systems, are growing, the heart and brain have currently taken the lead. Let’s also give special mention to the kidneys because, thanks to them, your baby will eventually be able to urinate.

Baby Size and Latest Development for Week Seven of Pregnancy

Fetus in womb at week seven of pregnancy

Measuring 10 millimetres, your baby has achieved another growth milestone! Put into perspective, your baby is a full centimetre on a metric ruler or about the size of a single bursting blueberry.

Most of your baby’s external characteristics and internal organs are growing, with many differentiating and increasing in complexity. Here’s a general snapshot of the goings-on.

  • The embryo at this stage might appear somewhat peculiar – less reptilian but with an oversized head and a prominent forehead.
  • Speaking of the brain, your baby’s intellect is on the rise! The neural tubes are finally closed, and the brain has started differentiating into different sections, with a staggering 250 000 neurons generated every minute! Interestingly, the brain continues moulding and forming well into our 20s, only stopping around 25. Their brain journey has just begun!
  • Their body shape is also changing as their arm buds and legs start to unfold.
  • At this stage, your baby’s heart is developing and beating at a maximum of 160 BPM, which sounds alarmingly high, but it’s actually a reassuring sign of good health. Anything below 100 or 110 at week seven could be an early sign of a possible miscarriage.
  • The heart has also changed form, twisting and bending into an S-shape while developing heart chambers.
  • Those black marks mentioned in week five? They’re becoming lenses, which help the baby see, and eyelids that protect and lubricate the eyes are developing.
  • Your baby’s bones are forming, starting as soft cartilage before hardening around ten weeks.
  • Let’s welcome the umbilical cord, the tube that brings food and carries away waste from your baby. It works in tandem with the (still developing) placenta as your baby’s primary lifeline.
  • The cervical plug is another new member of the baby-making team. Like a security detail or club bouncer, it offers protection against and prevents infections from entering the womb.

Because every pregnancy is unique, the above description generalises early embryonic development. Variations in the timing of milestones can occur.

Body Changes for Week Seven of Pregnancy

Your pregnancy symptoms are ramping up even more, and the peak hasn’t arrived yet. Spoiler ahead: week nine can bring more turbulence, with symptoms becoming progressively worse. But the silver lining is that you’re one week further into your pregnancy and closer to having your baby boy or girl in your arms.

This stage of your pregnancy might feel quite lonesome as, apart from your partner, others might be in the dark about your news.

And while you’re not yet showing, pregnancy symptoms serve as a constant reminder that you’re pregnant, leading to a stream of possible excuses. 

Amid the emotional upheaval, other physical symptoms might be knocking you down. Here’s a brief overview of pregnancy symptoms. For more comprehensive coverage, look at week six pregnancy symptoms.

It’s important to note that all pregnancies are unique.  The timing and experiences of pregnancy symptoms may vary. 

1. Fatigue

Extreme tiredness, as you’ve never before experienced. We covered ways to beat fatigue in week six.

2. Morning Sickness

An undiscriminating, disruptive and persistent symptom that may hit ill-timed moments.

3. Breast Tenderness

Step aside PMS boobs; pregnancy breast pain is next level. Your bosom might also go up a bra size or two, and your nipples tend to change shape and colour.

4. Complex Emotions

Pregnancy hormones can make you emotional. In addition, whether planned or unplanned, your pregnancy news is a significant life event and can be a lot to process. 

5. Food Aversions and Cravings

Can’t be anywhere near certain foods while feeling the inexplicable urge to eat others? Pregnancy affects your tastebuds, but they’re not forever changed. Don’t dismiss peculiar food cravings; they could signal a deficient diet that needs adjusting. At the same time, it’s not good to continuously give in to your cravings if they can harm your health or impact your unborn child.  

6. Excess Salivating

Are you drooling more than your pet as he watches you eat?. Embarrassing, yes; normal, yes.

7. Tasting Pennies?

Do you possess an acute sense of smell equivalent to that of a bloodhound? While strange and random, these are pregnancy signs.

8. Constipation

You don’t have a bump yet, but you might feel heavy due to bloating, gas and constipation. 

9. Pregnancy Glow and Skin Changes

The pregnancy glow people talk about is real, caused by the body’s increased blood flow and overactive skin glands secreting oils (yay, hormones). But not every person with the pregnancy glow looks radiant and lovely; they often appear greasy and pimply. 

10. Organ Changes

Typically quite small, your uterus has stretched to the size of a lemon, housing a blueberry-sized baby. Though your uterus has swelled, there are no outward signs of its growth. Up until week 12, the pelvis contains the uterus before it grows upwards. The uterus will expand multiple times during pregnancy to make room for the growing baby.

Week Seven of Pregnancy Tips and Tricks

Are you struggling to button up your work shirts or feel the need to unzip your tight jeans? You don’t look pregnant at week seven, but you’ve probably noticed a few subtle changes that may cause some discomfort.

Like it or not, your body is slowly becoming unfamiliar and unpredictable. Your breasts are changing, and you might soon experience weight gain (although, thanks to morning sickness, this might only occur later in pregnancy).

Besides your body looking different, you’re also dealing with new and old symptoms. Here’s how to cope and improve your first-trimester experience.

1. Call Your Doctor if You’re Worried

There are various symptoms that pregnant women experience that range from standard to rare and downright strange. If you’re experiencing worrying signs or facing serious struggles, consult your doctor or midwife. The first trimester is critical in every pregnancy, so no complaint or concern is too small or silly. Seeking professional advice ensures the best for you and your baby.

2. Take Care of Your Skin

Skincare during week seven of pregnancy

Not everyone experiences the pregnancy glow. The reality might starkly contrast with the glowy, rosy, and shiny appearance you expected to flaunt.

If your face is out-of-control, oily or marked with acne, taking care of it might involve sticking with your original skin routine. It’s advisable not to introduce new products into your regime. Instead, use a gentle cleanser twice a day (or more if pimples are becoming a problem) and apply moisturiser regularly. Consult with your doctor about stronger treatments for dramatic skin changes.

3. Make Water More Exciting

Although drinking water is crucial during pregnancy, it’s not the tastiest beverage. Add more flavour to your H20. Either drink it hot and infused with ginger or with a few fruit pieces for added sweetness. 

4. Talk to Your Partner

You might be carrying the literal weight of your child, but the responsibility of having a baby is shared between you and your partner. While the physical symptoms are yours to grapple with, it’s an exciting and scary time for both parents-to-be.

Share your feelings – the good, bad and ugly – with your significant other or co-parent and encourage them to open up. These discussions will help you navigate through difficult emotions and feelings.

5. Eat as Well as You Can

A Balanced diet at week seven of pregnancy

Following a balanced diet is easier said than done because of unpredictable pregnancy symptoms.

Eat what you can, remembering that certain foods are forbidden while catering to your altered tastebuds and appetite. Stick to bland, boring foods, avoid aromatic meals, and incorporate some pregnancy-friendly products into your diet – like sweet potato, greek yoghurt, lean proteins, dried fruit and more.

Continue taking your prenatal vitamins for the remainder of the first trimester at least. Some people find that prenatal vitamins make them sick, so they’re best taken with food. It’s important that you also stay hydrated, especially if you’re experiencing nausea or vomiting.

5. Decide When You’re Telling Others Your Pregnancy News

When to tell other people your news at week 7 pregnancy

One of the things expectant parents wonder is, “When do I tell people I’m pregnant?”. Considering the risk of pregnancy loss is highest during the first trimester, many keep their news a secret for three months. Others tell loved ones right away.

But keeping your pregnancy under wraps can be difficult, especially if you’re making up excuses for your pregnancy symptoms, turning down alcohol, or missing out on social events. You might also find comfort in divulging your feelings with people who aren’t your partner. If this resonates with you, why not tell one or two important people for guidance, love and support?

Although you might not have envisaged telling your boss or coworkers you’re pregnant before your parents, it might help to let work know, especially if you experience a difficult pregnancy that affects work. Additionally, if you have a job that’s potentially hazardous to the growth and well-being of your baby, you might have to divulge your news earlier to adjust your work responsibilities.

6. Consider Loose Fitting Clothes and Maternity Bras

Consider loose fitting clothes during week seven of pregnancy

Opinions about maternity clothes vary, with concerns about spending on a temporary wardrobe that won’t get much use post-pregnancy. Others might hesitate about investing in maternity wear prematurely.

When you start wearing maternity wear is up to you and how you feel about your changing body. You don’t need a complete outfit overhaul at seven weeks pregnant. But opt for looser clothing, such as flowy skirts and blouses, yoga pants and sports bras, for a more comfortable fit.

In the past, maternity clothing styles were seen as unflattering, unattractive and practical (read ugly), but times have changed. Many beloved brands offer stylish maternity options to flaunt your budding pregnancy bump, or, alternatively, to keep it hidden if that your preference.

Do I Need an Ultrasound During Week Seven of Pregnancy?

Week seven of pregnancy is typically early for an ultrasound. Still, you might have one scheduled for this week if your pregnancy is considered high-risk due to age, medical conditions, a history of miscarriage or pregnancy complications.

You have at least one week to go for a normal pregnancy. An exciting time with anticipation mounting; the date encircled in red on your calendar approaches.

As you await the ultrasound, know what to expect. Keep in mind that the appointment duration can be long, so be sure to block out enough time in your day.

During the ultrasound, you may undergo several health tests and answer questions about your well-being and personal life before you catch your tiny baby on an ultrasound. For more info on what to expect, we’ve outlined all the details in our week 5 article.

If you haven’t booked your first doctor’s appointment – don’t worry,  it’s not late yet. Ideally, the best time for it is between weeks eight and fourteen.

Fun Facts for Pregnancy Week Seven

Week seven pregnancy

  • Did you know that specific pregnancy cravings can tell you a lot about your health and physical well-being? If you’re craving inedible items with zero nutritional value, you might have a condition called pica, which indicates that your diet is nutritionally inadequate. Speak to your doctor if you feel the overwhelming urge to eat chalk, dirt, ash, clay or ice! 
  • It’s not just your pregnant belly and boobs that grow larger; your feet are getting longer and broader! All the more reason to embark on a shopping spree for new shoes!

Week Seven of Pregnancy Checklist

  • Eat well (or as best as your pregnancy symptoms allow).
  • Ramp up your skincare now to avoid bad breakouts and super greasy skin.
  • Enhance the flavour of your water with ginger or fruit bits. 
  • Switch tight jeans and bursting-at-the-seams shirts for loose, flowy, comfortable outfits!
  • Check in with your partner and be open with them – massive changes are coming!
  • Decide when to tell people (or when to tell select family groups, colleagues and friendship circles) 
  • Wait for our week 8 article for the latest news and updates!

























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