What to Say to Someone Going on Maternity Leave?

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Maternity leave is a special time for an expecting mother. When your co-worker plans for maternity leave it is like they are planning for a baby vacation. It is a magical time for them as their baby is just around the corner. It can get confusing, and knowing what to say to someone going on a maternity leave can be tricky. Never fear though; we’ve got you covered!

It’s Not Just A Vacation

Women go through many ups and downs in their lives. For an expecting mother, she needs to hear some supportive and sweet words from her colleagues, friends, or employees.

When a co-worker or friend takes off for maternity leave, it is a nice gesture to wish her well. So, be happy and spread words of support, love, and care when your colleague is planning their maternity leave.

Importance of Maternity Leave Messages

The women going on maternity leave require proper attention from themselves and the organization where they work. When women feel supported by their colleagues and supervisors, they feel happy knowing that work will carry on without them. This allows her to on herself and her baby.

This helps establish a culture of shared values and care among the employees, even if they are not in the office. This also creates a positive impact on the women going on maternity leave.

Tips for Conveying Maternity Leave Messages


Even if they have a lot of people around them, let your co-worker or friend know that you’re there for them if they need anything. Reassure her that you will help her in any way you can. She will feel supported and realize that her workplace family will always be there for her.


Being a mum and working is not an easy task, but when she receives words of encouragement from people close to her she will feel motivated. It will have a positive impact on her, and she will keep things in perspective during the hard times.

Give Some Tips

If you are a mother, give your colleague or friend some tips on her maternity leave. You could tell her how she could spend her time during her maternity leave (You can read our article for that too). You could also tell her about your parenting experience and how you handled it; this will help her in getting through those stages without being worried.

Wellbeing and Empathy

While expressing joy and good wishes is very important; it is also vital to make sure that the new mum knows that her health, physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing are just as important too.

Often new mothers face mental breakdowns, so if she’s going to be a new mother make sure you provide her with a little extra comfort, listen to her concerns, understand that all their thoughts and worries are normal to have. Know that she is not “going out of her mind” and offer her help and support.

Sometimes, even with all these tips, it might be difficult for you to come up with the right words for someone who is about to go on maternity leave. We have prepared a list of messages you can send to someone on maternity leave to encourage, amuse, reassure, and support them.

Best Maternity Leave Messages 2023

Becoming a parent is an amazing journey that you can’t imagine. It will change your life, and you will feel like you have become a new person; being a parent is a joy in itself. I wish you all the happiness and joy with your baby. Hope you have a great time!

Congratulations on the new addition of a little angel to your family. Enjoy your maternity leave by bonding with your little angel and making the most out of it. If you ever need anything, remember I’m always here for you

I hope your new baby brings so much love into your life that you get so much happiness that your heart cannot hold it. I hope you get used to your new job as the “Best MUM in the World” and I know you can do it. Best wishes for you!

You know what? I am really going to miss you and the way you provide this office with so much positivity while you are away. I wish you all the happiness and joy for your maternity leave.


Best Maternity Leave Messages from Boss 

You are a great employee, I am happy to have you on my team, and I know you will be an excellent mother. Enjoy this maternity leave and don’t forget to take care of yourself… please!

You have worked so hard for our company. Now take some time off, have a rest, and enjoy hassle-free time with your baby. I’m really going to miss you, and I cannot wait to hear about the cute angel in your life.

I know things will be different for you from now on, so take this time and embrace all the changes with joy. Your baby is now your top priority, so enjoy this valuable time and have fun!

Funny Maternity Leave Messages

I never really thought people would go to such great lengths to have some time off. Congratulations, I hope you have an amazing break.

You know this is the right time to eat whatever you want and blame everything on your baby. Gain weight and know that no one will blame you. Have a happy and joyful maternity leave.

Now you are fully allowed to have any kind of mood you want and at any random hour of the day. It won’t have consequences, after all, no one is going to blame you at this time for mood swings. Happy Maternity Leave!

Encouraging Maternity Leave Messages

I am wondering who is luckier, you for having a cute little angel in your life or your baby who is going to have World’s Best Mum who is an incredible person at her heart. All the best for maternity leave.

You’re one of the empowering forces at the workplace, and we will miss you a lot. Enjoy every moment of your maternity leave.

Right now your baby should be your top priority. Work will be here when you return, so don’t worry about us! Focus on yourself and the other important things in your life. I’m looking forward to meeting your little one, and I know you will be a great mother, so chin up and spend this time in the most joyous way possible.

Maternity Leave Messages Cards

Hey, if you are looking for a unique way to convey your message to someone on maternity leave, you can use maternity leave cards. There are plenty of options, and you can even have a personalized maternity leave card.

All in all, convey your message in a sweet and supportive manner.

At this time, mothers and especially new mothers require a lot of support and encouragement. Make sure, your words support her and make her realize that people are always there to listen, support and help her in any way they can.

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